Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Mahiki Mondays

If there is one place that you can count on for a good night, it is Mahiki. My friends and I go there quite a lot, and Mondays are always great (yay for making Mondays in general less awful!)

It is hawaiian themed and they take this very seriously, with Honolulu girls serving you pina coladas in pineapples and sipping from treasure chests! We normally go with Central List (tip: if you say their name at the door you get free entry and drinks on their table all night!) so get a few treasure chests and mixer/cirocs, but if you feel like getting seriously drunk their cocktails are lethal. Before 9.30 they are much cheaper too!

Everytime I have a 'Zombie' cocktail (think hawaiian style absinthe) I am guaranteed to have an amazing night! This one was no exception. My friends went for the 'Mahiki' (orange). The cocktails can be pretty pricey after 9.30, ours were around £15 but definitely worth it as one is all you need!

The treasure chests are very impressive, coming out with champagne and sparklers and fruit to nibble on! They are also pretty lethal, but very nice tasting! For my birthday, Central List organised a very special night for me and sorted out this awesome drink..

Although it is quite a posh club, I would say it is one of the more laid back and chilled ones, which is probably why we keep returning!

Definitely worth checking out if you come to London, it is not at all pretentious and a LOT of fun! xxx