Sunday, 15 March 2015


I have a new obsession to tell you about. This week, I received a Nutribullet after having heard about how amazing they are from everyone I know. I wasn't convinced - they seemed like overpriced food processors. How wrong I was. 

The Nutribullet blasts (literally) every other food gadget out of the kitchen! I normally leave the gadgetery to Dima, as he loves it, but I've found myself using this often more than once a day. It comes with two blades, both super high powered. 

One makes smoothies, juices etc and the other blade is a milling one - it can grind up anything! This is great for making nut butters/flours etc and especially cauliflower rice, which I am a massive fan of. It's faster and stronger than your regular blender, my boyfriend loves me a lot for bringing it in to our lives! 

Grinded carrot - takes under 30 seconds!

Easy to use, you just pop in whatever takes your fancy, along with some liquid (water, coconut water and almond milk are my favourites) and press down to watch the magic! I also love that you can just pop off the cup and attach the handle, (there are 3 different cups) with minimal washing up! 

Great for on the go breakfasts - I took this one to my other new obsession - Skinny Bitch Collective classes. They start at 6.45am so it's good to just grab something and go! 

For breakfast I normally blend up some almond milk, porridge oats (30g), banana, blueberries, coconut, goji berries, strawberries and cinammon. Amazing. 

And for post-exercise recovery I've been blitzing up spinach, cucumber, an apple and some ginger for a super low calorie, healthy boost. 

Insanely amazing - I feel so much better already after taking these! 


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  1. I have to admit I always thought they were overpriced too but I love the idea of making your own nut butters. Love the new blog design, by the way!