Sunday, 28 April 2013


after my kind of depressing last post, I came across this post which made me feel much better; I have copied it here but originally found on Thought Catalog which is a great blog.

1. Elderly couples holding hands.
2. The laughter of babies/small children. (Yes, even for those of you who think they are little monsters.)
3. When you witness any sort of kindness being done to a stranger.
4. When you observe “friends” who so obviously like each other as more than friends.
5. Bacon. (As a person with vegetarian tendencies, I disagree, but many will inevitably smile at this, so I’m including it.)
6. Remembering a fond childhood memory.
7. Finding something you’ve lost.
8. Unexpectedly running into a long lost friend that you miss.
9. Getting flowers, a card, or a message of love in the form of a call, text, email, or voicemail from someone that you love.
10. When your crush/someone you’re really attracted to smiles at you first.
11. Pictures from high school or college of you and your friends having a good time.
12. When the sun finally shines after some not so sunny weather.
13. Waking up to the smell of breakfast. (Unless of course you’re one of those strange people who don’t like breakfast.)
14. Finding cash in your pocket.
15. Your apartment after you’ve had a “cleanup/makeover” day.
16. Your favorite cartoon from childhood.
17. A moment of reflection that comes to you when you realize that you have a lot to be grateful for.
18. Doing anything that makes somebody else genuinely smile

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Date Night

Last night I took a well deserved break from studying and went into central London with Dima :)

First of all we went to Wright Brother's in Soho, after trying their oysters at 'Feast London' (AMAZING food festival) and loving them! There they were £5 for 3, and naturally their restaurant was alot more expensive.

Here they were more like 3 for £8 (minimum!) so definitely not on a student budget, but they were great. We got three sets; two undressed and one dressed with coriander and japalenos, The French ones were absolutely out of this world! 

However I wasn't too impressed with the restaurant overall, the staff seem like they kind of want to rush you out of there (we stayed for half an hour!) and are quite pressurizing to buy things. But if you want amazing oysters, these were much better than Harrods Oyster Bar. Overall it came to £46 which was quite steep considering we only had the above and one cocktail (£10!) - I dread to think what dinner would cost. 


Then we set off for a long walk around London and ended up in Leicester Square. It was fairly warm and a Friday evening and there were huge groups of people standing outside the pubs, spilling into the roads and I got a quick vision of what my life would be like working in London. I kind of try to avoid central on the weekends, both clubbing and otherwise because the amounts of people that come out to play are astounding.

We went to La Bodega Negra cafe; which you can't reserve so I was expecting queues but luckily they just squeezed us in without waiting!

 The restaurant (on the other side of the road) is great (but also very very expensive) but they are almost always fully booked! After last time I had an idea of what was good so we went for the pork belly tacos (amazing), chicken quesadelias and corn salad. The tacos were much, much smaller portions than the restaurant but they were still good. 


I also got a mohito which was fab 

and there was a mix up with the salad - they brought us another one instead of the one we ordered (they tried to bring us a lot of plates we didn't order) so they gave us a complimentary tequila shot each! 


overall that also came to £46 (expensive times!) but it was much more worth it than the Oysters. 

After that, we went on our way to Adventure Bar in Covent Garden as I was hit by an idea of brilliance, on their website if you sign up for the newsletter then you get £10 off (most cocktails are £10) and there aren't any scams ie having to buy another drink, only on monday's between 2-3 pm! So we went with our vouchers and claimed our drinks :D 

we got a zombie (£11) and a Lemon Cheeseshake (£11) - I had the idea that Dima being the Russian who can drink anything would have the absinthe fuelled Zombie and I could elegantly sip on my cake cocktail. But it was rather the other way around. 

Both were great, and if you go I recommend the ice cream sundae cocktail! 


Thursday, 18 April 2013

today was one of those days where you may as well be hungover, because you can't concentrate on anything anyway :( 

I woke up at 7 am, (as usual these days to get in lots of studying!) and had my daily museli breakfast and then just could not concentrate on anything. 
I have read every single article on the daily mail, seen every single item on asos/topshop and followed a LOT of blogs. 

2 articles on the daily mail i found particularly disgusting today:

1. Samantha Brick's article on how basically 'The world admonished Kate Moss for claiming that 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels' but I'd go further. As I see it, there is nothing in life that signifies failure better than fat.' which I think is basically disgusting and she is an utterly pathetic woman seeking fame. She also posted this, with the accompanying picture of her husband.. 
'Luckily for me, there is no better weight-loss incentive than a Frenchman. Pascal would not tolerate a fat wife and has told me that if I put on weight, our marriage is over. What more motivation do I need?'

'I have only ever dated men who kept a strict eye on my figure. My partners are my weight-loss coaches' 

I hope for my sake that I do not end up married to a tubby man who would dump me if I got 'fat'. And also that I don't end up as bitter as this woman.

Diets don't work. The only diet that will work is a change in your entire lifestyle. My mum is constantly on diets, and is recently always on at me to lose weight (I am size ten and 5'11) as though it links us together (but thats another story). I think its the worst thing for your parents to tell you in such a harsh way to lose weight, my boyfriend's mum last year said that I had put on loads of weight just randomly over dinner and I burst into tears for hours. I also had the added pressure from a high fashion model agency last year which made me go into the agency every week just to get measured, and be told that 'mmm yeah you have put on a cm this week so when you lose it we will give you work again'. That is also another story, and not for right now.

So basically, Samantha Brick, we don't need to think that there lies nothing ahead but endless days of dieting, of skipping meals and 'enjoying' the hunger pains that accompany it. Last year I tried this when I was under immense pressure and ended up putting more on. This year I have started eating three healthy meals a day and doing a work out in my bedroom for half an hour (most) days and I can already notice the difference after a week. You need to keep your metabolism high. If you want ice cream, eat it but don't skip the rest of the day's meals because all your body will take in is that ice cream and turn it into fat.

The second daily mail article that made me sick today was this - an article about model's cellulite because of their 'bad diet, smoking and no exercise' which is a massive generalisation.
They don't even know the model herself, but posted a picture of her walking down the runway with the TINIEST wobble in her leg. I'm not going to repost it because it makes me sick that people are zooming in on her size zero body and looking for flaws, when she is probably seriously insecure anyway. She must be pretty humiliated at that article - and I bet her agency know about it.

I have experienced a lot in my 7 years of modeling, only subjected to the weight criticism and all the other nasty things myself in the past year. When 'newspapers' start posting articles like this it is just degrading to women and inspire Samantha Brick to write endless drivel.

If a size zero (the absolute maximum size for a catwalk model is six) model is being subjected to such criticism, how are the rest of us supposed to feel? The Daily Mail is misogynistic and I honestly don't know how it exists as a newspaper today.

Unfortunately I still can't stop myself from reading it - it is a vice I have :( but mainly to look at the comments! And sometimes we are interested in what some reality show participant you have never heard of wore out clubbing last monday in her hometown, when revision gets really really bad.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Weekend

Since we finished uni,  all the days seem to have blended into one mad haze of revision. This weekend I took a bit of a break. 

On Saturday I went to my best friend's, Lisa's sister's tea party :) 
Lisa's sister, Polina who is due to give birth in a month!
me and Lisa


 Lisa made an ever-amazing Devils Food Chocolate cake, and muffins :) and there was lots of American sweets for some unidentified reason from Patridges and amazing cheese and pickle sandwiches which I am currently craving! However writing this back I am remembering how much I ate... healthy eating also took a bit of  break this weekend.

 I played Cluedo for the first time ever.. and won!!

Then on Sunday, I forced Dima to wake up early to beat the queues at Granger & Co so that he can finally try the amazingness that is their ricotta hot cakes. 
scarf: Asos, Leather jacket: Topshop, dress: Topshop, Shoes: Asos

Dima decided to go for two breakfasts; 1 - full Aussie Breakfast
2 - Ricotta Hotcakes with Honeycomb Butter and Banana aka best thing I have ever eaten

my 'healthy' breakfast of smoked salmon, ricotta and parsley!

food coma creeping up slowly.. 

Granger is a funny one. There is almost always an achingly long queue (the first time we went we waited for 40 mins in the cold simply because we had nothing better to do) but the food is good, Some people aren't as impressed though, when you have gone on and on and on about how amazing it is :(
But the day was warm, at 20 degrees!

Then I dragged Dima to see Spring Breakers - DO NOT SEE THIS FILM if you watch pretty little liars/value your time/ eyesight etc this was probably the worst film I have ever watched, and I do not have high standards (Glitter is wrongly hated). I mainly wanted to watch it to see if Ashley Benson was different, and she wasn't really that different just a very porn-ed up version of Hanna who loves guns for some reason. And Selena Gomez still managed to be typical selena gomez - it would have been better if their roles were reversed. She was a church girl then went on the trip and then moaned and wanted to go home within 10 minutes. 
But yes - anyway this film is basically 90 minutes of teenage girl's breasts/strange gun obsession (for no reason)/repetition of the same scenes/lines over and over and OVER again (mostly along the lines of spring break.....spring break foreverr) with NO RELEVANCE there was no relevance to spring break :'( 

my boyfriend hated it with a passion but there are some high reviews on imdb, which I think are probably because they know the director (like my housemate Ben who says that all his films are like that and they are 'amazing' despite having literally no plot line whatsoever) and because the film does have a 'shock factor' as my friend Louisa put it, of how INCREDIBLY AWFUL IT IS. It does keep you talking about how that can be called a movie nowadays. 

Anyway after that I felt pretty annoyed that I wasted my time/money and exam stress ensued :( 
Then yesterday I had an impromptu dinner party/entire day of revision 

Today was a horrible day, I was very stressed out because of exams and my friend Nicola really does not help at all. She studies for 13 hours plus a day and has perfectly organised notes etc where I am the equivalent to an octopus in an ink factory :( overwhelmed 
i have never used said octopus line before but it sounds like the octopus would be having fun in the ink factory so maybe I should change it - an octopus in a fishing net :(( 

but yes, Nicola calls me daily stressing out and saying she is going to fail, so then I have to reassure her and are reminded of MY current failures etc :-( and today I was mean to Dima and told him to go home (sorry dima if you read this) which I didn't mean because I love him lots <3 

but alls well that ends well, as I had a shower and now I am going to watch 90210! :)

feeling lucky to be alive

After the Boston bombings, I am feeling pretty grateful. I gave Dima an extra long hug in bed this morning because you never know what will happen.

I can't believe that there are people out there who are so disturbed that they bombed a marathon, something where people have been preparing for months to give their best performance, and where they have come together to raise money for charity.

It is quite scary living in London, I have already instructed my friends/boyfriend not go to into London tomorrow (Wednesday) which is Margaret Thatcher's funeral and on Sunday, which is the marathon (though probably none of them will listen). It is bad to live your life in fear, which is what these people want.

My thoughts are with everyone in the bombings x

Dinner Party!

Last night I was supposed to go with my friend Stephanie (who is a 'real' foodie) to a restaurant but as I was so stressed with studying we decided it would be better if she came over and we got pizza. Then, as she always cooks the most incredible food for me, I suggested me cooking something and she got really happy SO THEN IT TURNED INTO A FULL BLOWN DINNER PARTY
when i can't particularly cook
I have an 'imaginative' style of cooking ie lets put these CHOCOLATE CHIPS in the omlette muaha whereas my boyfriend has a follow-the-recipe style so as he was at my house, we kind of balanced each other out. I have never cooked a three course dinner before and got super excited and scoured the web for recipes... and then got stressed... then went shopping and spent a LOT on food and got even more stressed...

my boyfriend, who looked much more attractive than me on our voyage to Asda as I traipsed alongside him in my trampiest clothes and greasiest hair :(
super pretty pink blossom trees which are everywhere around where I live!
This was the starter, which I found here, on the londoner which was the best part of the meal, fat free shrimp salsa which convinced my boyfriend to stay for dinner! yay! It was truly amazing, literally shrimp, lime juice, cherry tomatoes, onion, coriander and japalenos chopped up and put together!
this was the main, kleftiko which is basically slow roast greek lamb, which is my FAVOURITE in Cyprus but mine did not come out so well as it probably wasn't in there long enough :'(
For desert I made one of those cheat boxed sticky toffee puddings, as Stephanie loves them and I, Dima and Nicola (my other friend in attendance) have never had them and I thought that there may be a chance I wouldn't like it and therefore wouldn't eat it! However it was great and I ate way more than recommended :( Especially with ben and jerrys cookie dough!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Hayward Gallery Light Show

A couple of days ago I went with my boyfriend to the Light Show at Hayward Gallery. I wasn't expecting all that much, with museums etc I am not normally blown away but this did indeed blow me away! 

 the 'frozen water' room

There was a room with what looked like the projector light shining slowly moving lines onto a wall, and at first glance you are like meh but people were standing in the light and walking through it and the small dark room was quite captivating in a way where you are not sure why. We watched the sprials of smoke glitter in the light, and then walked through it and was truly amazed, the view was completely different!

Another of my favourite rooms was the picture above, a dark room with constant strobe lightening effects which made the flowing fountains of water look like they were frozen! (Though my boyfriend ruined it by shining his phone light onto it so you could see the water!)

We queued up for 15 mins for a room we had no idea about, but everyone seemed to be queuing so we did too (human nature..) When we went in the room we thought we were going to be given a show, and waited for ten minutes for the show! But apparently the show was the strange screen like lights infront of us, and after fifteen minutes they are supposed to change incredibly (but we are evidently not cultured enough for this as we didn't see much!)

me outside the gallery in a giant white chocolate drop (obviously)
wearing: - shoes: Asos
dress: Asos
scarf: Asos (I note a trend..)
coat: Erotokritos

me and my boyfriend, dima :)

new shoes of the day!

afterwards we stopped off at Ping Pong - their food and drinks are great but very pricey and tempting! I managed to restrain myself and just ordered this Goji berry juice and a chicken dumpling soup whereas Dima went for... the most calorific, fried set menu for one, extra dumplings and extra crackers (which i graciously helped him finish off)!

Glee 4x18 Shooting Star

When I found out Glee was back on this week after weeks of no TV I was pretty happy. But after watching it I'm not really sure how to feel.

The time when they were in the choir room together was very intense and I did start welling up because of the fear, the actors are so good and it's good they have been given a chance to show how well they can act. And I think it gave people who don't really realise the intensity of a school shooting (like me) a shock :(

The whole Becky/Sue situation was probably for the best, so that they can wrap up the issue in true Glee style and move on to some completely unrelated matters next week which is probably quite insensitive (who wants to bet  that the metal detectors will not be there next week?) Although it didn't really make sense for Becky to bring a gun into school because she was scared of graduating - but i gave up long ago searching for any sense in the shows i watch :( (eg 90210's cruel and painstakingly slow demise)

I showed my boyfriend a clip of Glee from season 1 the other day (singing push it in assembly) and it was SO SO SO much better! So much funnier and more Sue and geeky non prostitutey Rachael :(

And as for the whole 'catfish' thing, it is pretty annoying but I am betting it will end up to be:

a) Unique if the show, like Pretty Little Liars, drags you along and makes you think someone is the culprit... AND IT IS THEM (mona) or Kitty but she was holding her phone so pretty unlikely

b) Jake if he is being a cruel mean person a la Kitty earlier in the season, to get back at Ryder for being more fabulous than he etc - that would be good

c) a band member


Thursday, 11 April 2013


This is my first post, just started this blog as a type of release from all of the insane studying i am doing! (also my boyfriend changed my facebook password so  after reading every story on the dailymail, i have ended up here).

I'm a law student living in London, and currently got exams coming up so everyday is a mad haze of cases, waking up at 7 and studying continuously! Also I have to get in shape for Summer so that I can start modeling immediately after I finish my exams so the days are intervened with rabbit food snacks.

here are some of the 'healthy' meals i have made lately (just realised that they almost all have egg in them - is it bad too eat too many eggs lolol)

museli, natural yoghurt, banana and honey! 

poached egg nom

the first omelet i have conceivably made without burning it/myself/the room

hope you enjoy my blog! xxx