Sunday, 21 July 2013


I haven't been clubbing for ages, so last night I decided to try out Maddox, having heard a lot about it but never getting the chance to go before. My agency were doing a night there so we had an amaaaaazing dinner in the club beforehand. 

Beetroot salad, ravioli and lottttts of cake (typical model diet) 

including these giant profeteroles which were amaazing :')


The club itself is amazing, it has a courtyard with fairy lights where everyone gathers and the main section of the club is really nice, it was really good to go somewhere else as we usually go out to the same clubs. My favourite part was the secret room though! Through the back corridors (through the kitchen!) was a green room which was absolutely beaautiful! They open it up at 3am apparently when the rest of the club closes but I didn't stay long enough to find out! 


the people in there are a lot older than what I was used to, but this can be a good thing (less drama!). Would definitely recommend, but make sure you have a table as it can be pretty crowded without one! 

Friday, 12 July 2013


This amazing weather we are having in London at the moment calls for nothing more than lazing around in the sun... preferably eating homemade pizza (as below).

Yesterday turned into a bit of a cooking day, with me (successfully!) cooking a 'skinny' shrimp curry and Dima deciding to make loads of dough to leave overnight and turn into amazing, thin crusted pizzas the next day. They are much healthier than normal, with the only ingredients being yeast, flour, water, tomatoes, mozarella and basil! :')

I had a shoot on Wednesday for a magazine submission which was a really lovely day in the (sort of) countryside, with an amazing team who were all really talented.

Wednesday was also mine and my boyfriend's 3 year anniversary so we went to The Rum Kitchen - which was increeedible and then to Eclipse for some watermelon martinis, conveniently located a 5 minute walk away from our flat!

Some incredible chicken concoction at the rum kitchen - everything we had was amazing! 

including their cocktails...

and chicken wings..

This weekend is the first one i have off for ages so I am going to enjoy it at the park! <3

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

This week

I have been pretty busy with work this week, shooting on Sunday...

for an interesting test shoot. Monday..

in an extremely weird location, called Curious Science which was basically a science prop studio place. So it was filled with weird and completely random objects, such as:

This was for a final year university student's project and was a really fun and relaxed day! The other models were really lovely so it was great. Afterwards I headed over to Shoreditch House with some friends for burgers and pimms by the pool :)

Me and the boyfriend just went to Covent Garden and paid a trip to Homeslice which was aaaaaamazing Italian pizza! Then he wanted burgers so we joined the ridiculously long queue for Shake Shack, an American chain which has just opened up in London so we were expecting good things.
He decided to go for their most expensive burger at £9.50, cheesy crinkle chips, 'concrete' frozen custard and mix-ins. I had a chocolate monstrosity which included brownies and he had a salted caramel one. 
It definitely was not worth the wait, which was disappointing! It was literally 'fast' food, there were about 20 people working in a tiny kitchen mass producing burgers which were on the same level as McDonalds and while the frozen custard was good, it wasn't worth waiting in a queue of 20-30 minutes for. 

It is crazy how hype and marketing can make something so popular even when it is really low quality! I would definitely avoid - our teeth were physically hurting afterwards because of the sugar overload! 

Saturday, 6 July 2013

FEAST London

This has been a very food-centered week. On Tuesday we went to Big Easy (great lobster and prices, bad service), Wednesday to Bone Daddies and Thursday to FEAST which I was so, so excited about! We went last year and it was incredible and this year did not disappoint.

We started with a yum bun, which I have heard a lot about and was amazing!

Soft doughy bun filled with pork and amazing hot sauce!

Then me and Lisa moved on to The Rum Kitchen's chicken bake - my boyfriend Dima and new flatmate Matt decided to venture on a meatier (more expensive) journey whilst me and Lisa tried to split food to make it cheaper and less obesity-inducing!

this was really really good and I reaaally now want to go try the restaurant in Notting Hill (but I am a bit broke after this week!)

Then we moved on to ... DEEP FRIED OREOS

which I think is probably one of the best things I have ever eaten!

Lisa went for a macaroon ice cream sandwich..

while I went for a giant slice of chocolate and sea salt cake which I finished off later (very drunk)

Dima and Matt also got....

GINORMOUS ribs, 40 day wagu steak, huge big apple hot dogs, risotto kimichi balls... and a cute little dessert pot to finish..

We went as soon as it opened (5pm) to beat the massive queues that inevitably form and rolled home by about 7 pm to have a quick nap before mahiki!

me and my new flatmates :') (aka my boyfriend and his flatmate)

me and my best friend :')

Thursday, 4 July 2013


This weekend I was lucky enough to be modeling in the TIGI show. It was absolutely insane - five days of preparation and rehearsals, 9am - 11pm! It was probably one of the best things I have ever done and the first proper job I have got this year so I was really happy to be a part of it.

We opened the show with a history section, one model representing each year of TIGI as it was their ten year anniversary. I was the Alexander Mcqueen 'reptile' - wearing the last dress he ever made!

the other outfits in this section were AMAZING -

also the videos playing in the background showing the history of the designs were amazing!

Next up were some hair demonstrations on stage, dancers and an incredible acrobatic act..

My favourite part of the show was this big party scene where the models were Vivienne Westwood inspired, listening to a piano player. Then a singer came out with flapper dancers and it was basically a massive party on stage. We got to watch it backstage before our final part!

Then for the finale we were 24 models, in groups of 3 with coordinating coloured wigs. We were supposed to be 'storm troopers', and marched out on stage with military music and amazing coloured LED lights on the stage.

then loads of confetti came down at the end when all of the team came out on stage to a standing ovation!

It was an amazing show, so lucky to have been a part of it.