Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Juicebaby UK

This year Juicebaby have been providing The Model Zone with all sorts of amazing food - I'm so grateful that they have because their food is literally incredible. They're about to open up in Chelsea, make sure you pay them a visit!

All of their food is vegan and plant based, but you'd never know it. Every single thing I ate I fell in love with. I (with no shame) tried all of their salads and loved them all, I've never actually 'liked' salad so this is a huge achievement!

This one, the Rainbow Bhudda Bowl was insane. Filled with 'Quinoa, arame, beetroot, kale, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, sesame seeds, sesame oil, ginger, miso paste, tamari, lemon, salt', it kept me going all throughout my show in the afternoon.

The Pad Thai Kelp Noodles was ridiculously tasty and filling due to being packed with 'Kelp noodles, squash, carrot, bell pepper, red cabbage, sugar snap peas, green onion, avocado, cilantro, almond butter, thai chilli, tamari, lime, ginger, seasame oil, agave, cayenne pepper, sesame seeds, maple syrup cayenne'. 

I also tried an 'undone taco' salad, which was probably my favourite. Tasted like taco-heaven and filled you up, without the unhealthiness! Me gusta :)

And the thing that totally hooked me... chia pudding. I'm a sucker for chia anyway but this took all of the best combinations to make chia heaven.

Juicebaby's chia pudding is literally the best I have ever had. I would literally pay however much these are priced at, they are that good. A thick banana bottom layer holds up a tonne of chia seeds with a topping of home made jam & coconut butter, raspberries, flaked almonds and coconut chips. Also thrown in for good measure is vanilla, filtered water, dates, maple syrup and cinnamon. All the models who were curiously poking at the frogs-spawn like pudding fell in love with it too. Good as chia is super healthy, packed with protein and gives you bounds of energy which was useful for show-hopping!

These Sticky Toffee Balls taste something like chocolate truffles, and are actually made of 'Dates, desicated coconut, coconut oil, carob and vanilla'. I tried to make something similar once and failed drastically, these are much better and very addictive.

Ah, the juices of Juicebaby. I loved them all (I may have spent a bit too much time in the model zone), but the Vanilla Almond Milk was definitely my favourite (mega almond milk addict over here). 'Immunity' was a massive kick-starter with a ginger hit, Sweet Greens was the first green juice I have actually liked and Beet Baby was probably my least favourite as I'm not mad about beetroot, but still pretty good.

I was told that these smaller bottles of juice would be around £4.95, which is really good compared with others in the area (cough GLE).

Juicebaby do everything that is 'healthy' according to pinterest/instagram (chia, almond milk, avocado etc) but how it is supposed to be. They properly soak the almonds so the milk is nutty and delicious, they make the chia pudding from scratch, mix the avocado with the right complements. They do it for you, so you don't end up like me, miserably failing at pinterest's 'healthy yet delicious' recipes, covered in coconut flour, agave syrup, dates and so on.

Definitely worth checking out Juicebaby when they open (next week I think) in Chelsea, they are sure to be a massive hit. I will definitely be there continuing to eat up all of their supplies! Thank you so much for supporting us hungry models throughout London Fashion Week with your tasty amazingness :)


p.s - Although they were providing the Model Zone for free, everything I've said is the honest truth and I would definitely pay for everythiiiing I had! 

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  1. I'm always up for healthy food!