Thursday, 7 August 2014

Croatia - Jerolim

We decided to branch out a bit, and explore another island near to Hvar towards the end of our holiday, Jerolim. A 40 kuna (£4) return water-taxi ride away, it was my favourite place in Croatia. 

We also got a slight surprise... 

Nudism wasn't compulsory, don't worry! (Although there were a few fully nude fellows dotted around the rocks, and me and Lisa came very close to an old fully nude couple trying to take over our sea raft!) 

The island had roughly 20 people on the entire thing, and was serenely beautiful and unspoiled. There were two bars/restaurants on Jerolim, the first being a hippy shack complete with hammocks and homemade ships hanging from trees!

and the tiny beach was insanely beautiful, with the clearest, calmest water ever

In between lounging around on hammocks reading our books (I read The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris which was an amazing book, but made me constantly crave chocolate!) we discovered the other restaurant on the island - Amo. It happened to have the best massages i have ever had - I was sold even before trying their incredible food. 

We all booked a ridiculously cheap massage (£25 for an hour long full body massage?!) which was by an incredibly talented girl called Tina, to the sounds of the waves crashing against rocks and crickets buzzing around happily. 

Then we wolfed down our meals - we had tuna pasta, seafood risotto, spinach linguine, ribs - everything was amazing. The best meal I ate in Croatia. 

We eventually forced ourselves to get up off our sunloungers/hammocks/sea-rafts and head back to Hvar, relaxed, well fed and tanned from lounging around in the sun and swimming. A perfect couple of days on paradise island. 

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  1. It looks like you had an amazing holiday, Croatia is now firmly on my wanderlust list!