Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014

2014 was an amazing year for the most part - I hope you had a good one too! I let go of worrying about the future and decided to enjoy the present, which happens to be awesome. 

I finally finished my Law degree and graduated with a 2.1. I surfed in Barbados with my family, ate souvla on a yacht in Cyprus with Katherine, frolicked on nudist beaches in Croatia with Lisa and overloaded on chocolate in Brussels with Dima. I worked for some of my dream clients like ASOS, Urban Outfitter's and Missguided. I walked in London Fashion Week, and went to a party at Elton John's draped in Chopard diamonds. My first campaign for JD Sports came out in the shops. I came second in my first ever cheerleading competition with my best friend. I moved in with Dima (after 4 years!) and stole his wardrobe space. I had a pizza party surrounded by my best friends in the world, as well as lots of other amazing nights causing mischief in London's clubs. I completed three internships and got a bit of an insight into the 'real world'! I finally learned to drive and passed my test first time. And I also ate some pretty amazing stuff too, as usual. 

 I have got literally no idea what is coming in 2015, but let's hope it is as great as 2014! 

Saturday, 27 December 2014


Merry Christmas! Hope you all had a good one, mine was great but I do feel a bit like this now..

But hey! No work for at least a couple more weeks, so I have time to detox it all off. This year I was lucky enough to randomly get a playstation and although I've had a brother and dad addicted to it all their lives, I've not really been near one myself! However this is my major new addiction and I spend all day everyday playing Little Big Planet and Sypro the Dragon - productive right?!

I got Dima a coffee maker, which he has been going on about for ages so I think he loved it, hello unlimited supplies of coffee..

We were at my dad's for Christmas, who lives in Russia but has a flat over here. He bought a ridiculous amount of food, which my stepmum expertly cooked up to provide the biggest mass food coma ever!

Quite an insane amount of food! We went out for a little post lunch roll, my dad's flat is surrounded by a little forest which is quite random for London.

Then it was back home for some Monopoly, which I always lose horrifically at. And more food.

What did you get upto on Christmas?? xx

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

It's Christmas Eve! I hope you are all feeling Christmassy and ready for tomorrow - Dima is currently out buying presents! This week we went to Winter Wonderland (for what must be now the 5th year in a row) for some hotdogs, rides and mulled wine. 

Ultimate top tips for WW are dress up super duper warm (as above) and go super duper early. We went at 10am (when it opens) and didn't have to queue for anything - I know that later on in the day there's huge queues to even get in the park, let alone all of the rides etc! 

Next tip is to take along a hungry someone who is willing to buy all of the deliciously overpriced, overcaloried food and share it with you (this means basically no calories!) 

Dima definitely fits the bill.

We ended up going on the yellow MASSIVE ride in the background - at £9 each by no means cheap but definitely fun. We were left at the top for about 5 minutes which was insanely scary but also provided nice 360 views of all of London as you twirled around in the wind. 

But it's also good to take little cuties who are insanely excited by everything in sight! 

I love just wandering around Winter Wonderland, it always gets me in a super Christmassy mood!

What are you all doing for Christmas? Have a great one!