Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sapori Sardi

I'm sharing with you my favourite date spot in London. A little bit off the beaten path in Fulham (meaning it is actually bookable in advance and at peak times!), Sapori Sardi feels like you are walking into a Sardinian family's beautiful home and settling down for dinner. Which you sorta are - the restaurant is family owned and has a very homely vibe to it.

Ask to be seated in the back - you won't regret it! Although the whole restaurant is beautifully presented, out back is a charming conservatory-style room decorated with fairy lights and cute little tidbits. Intimately small, it is perfect for snuggling up with a date and stealing their homemade pasta!

I went along with my family last week for a dinner beyond words. Starting with champagne, like any good old family get together ought to, we moved on to the best bit about the restaurant.
Food! I shared this with Dima - richly flavoured mince wrapped in aubergines on a crispy base of bread. This dish explodes in the mouth, and was a well deserved special of the day,

I order the same thing every time I come here - the Taglierini with porcini mushrooms, wrapped in speck and drizzled with truffle oil and black truffle shavings. Literally explodes with truffle-y, amazing flavour in the mouth, sort of like a 'healthier' carbonara (replacing cream for truffle... you go glen coco!)

Seriously, this dish is pretty amazing. You can taste that the pasta has been made fresh, the ingredients are all wonderful quality. At £13.95 not a bad price at all considering the amount of fab truffles hidden within.


Dima went for Traditional Sardinian gnocchetti, fresh italian sausage ragout, tomato sauce and saffron, topped with rocket salad and pecorino shavings (£11.50). I'm not too big of a gnocchi fan but this was a rich dish vibrantly bursting with flavours - definitely recommended! I think it makes a massive difference when the gnocchi is fresh (*memories of incredible Croatian freshlymade gnocchi*)

I didn't manage to catch my dad and Naida's dishes because they were too busy munching away at them, but both were pretty impressed.

As we were off out for our first night out in absolutely ages, I needed some perking up from my food coma and opted for an Affogato - expecting a coffee with a nice little scoop of ice cream. Instead I got a huge, incredible ice cream with a little shot of coffee and a good old shot of Baileys to get the night going! Definitely perked up!

Dima was way too busy munching away on his favourite dessert - Tiramisu - so I stole one off the interwebz to show it off. Because it was a very beautiful Tiramisu.

A perfect ending to our dinner. The service was amazing throughout the night also, friendly and just the right amount of presence. A couple of personal touches were given at the end with free biscottis & shots of lemoncello.

 I think I actually prefer the food here to the food I had in Sardinia when I went a couple of years ago. Definitely worth checking out - just don't tell too many people!


  1. Yum. Everything looks delicious & I love the wooden chairs & tables! :] // ☼ ☯

  2. Now you've got me craving truffles- this all looks gorgeous! I may even have to dip into my student loan and try this place.