Monday, 2 March 2015

Hunger Magazine - do not try this at home!

The new issue of Hunger Magazine features my face, looking at it's finest wrapped up in elastic bands. If you are not in the fashion industry, you're probably wondering if you've come onto the wrong sort of page - if you are then you will be (maybe) thinking that is pretty cool. 

Starting off relatively normal - how awesome is this hair?!
To be in Hunger is a big thing - it's a rebellious, fashion bible by world famous photographer Rankin. He is amazingly talented, even with elastic bands wrapped around my face I still absolutely love his pictures and his work is so original. 

With  make up (and elastic band putting on) by the also very talented Andrew Gallimore, and hair by the amazing Amiee Hershan we actually looked.. not as bad as I would look if I'd done it at home.

Modeling - glamorous, right?

There were 4 other models there, and we all looked SO hilarious that we kept bursting out laughing at each other, ruining our beautiful elastic bands in the process. 

The point of it was originally to take photographs of the indentations left on our faces by these elastic bands, so we each had to have them on for half an hour! And of course, they ended up using the pictures with us still in the bands. I actually really loved the indentation pictures, Rankin took some amazing shots..

But of course nothing can beat this - 

Definitely one of the weirdest shoots I've done, but also one of the best - when you are working with such talented people it makes such a huge difference and reminds me why I love this job. 

And it got Lindsay Lohan's stamp of approval!

Don't try this at home - it hurts! This issue is brilliantly named 'We've Got Issues' and is available nationwide. 

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