Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Goodbye 90210

So 90210 has finally come to an end, after 5 seasons. It was definitely on its way out, with its repetitive storylines and gossip-girl-esque intra-relationships but it was always a good show and I will miss it.

The award for the most cheesy ending to a show ever definitely goes to 90210. Everyone got their happy ending, kind of awkwardly loved the last scene where Liam rode up to the private jet on his motorbike (and proposed... obviously) in the way that you really love something but don't want to admit it. Was a bit disappointing that no one died though (pessimist over here) as I heard someone was going to, thought they were going to shock us.

Naomi is definitely the best character on the show, and she is literally my body idol! Her body is insanely amazing and she is beautiful. In this episode she ended up with her boyfriend whats-his-name with the kind of typically naomi ridiculous storyline of something along the lines of an evil in law and meeting an emperor...
I love all the crazy things they make her do (avatar anybody?) and she is probably the only one that the crazy storylines work on because she brings so much to the show.

I also really liked Adriana in this season, its nice that she has grown up and really nice that she got back with Navid - though their ending was super cheesy with them riding off into the ambulance-sunset.
Annie is as annoying and desperate as ever but it is nice that she also ended up (marrying?) Liam (who has slept with literally every girl on the show except Adriana)(man whore) after the whole 'moving away to other sides of the world' thing - but one thing that annoyed me is how did they send that picture of themselves to all their friends within SECONDS (its 90210 world I suppose) - also here it was extremely annoying that all the way through they were talking about the source of the explosion but WE NEVER FIND OUT!! When it was obviously something from Liam's bag (random)!

Silver was incredibly beautiful in this episode and its probably for the best that she didn't kill herself. Dixon is just Dixon, he was slightly less annoying in this episode.

Overall it was a good finale (if a little 'out there'), and now I'm off to watch the 'special' episode! goodbye 90210, you have been brilliant.

(also quite sad that I will never get to watch the actual 90210 sequence again!)

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