Saturday, 25 May 2013

life is great!

Life is going amazingly at the moment, the two months of exams and 10-hour study days are worth it just to be able to fully appreciate a lie in knowing you have nothing to do!

We went to Dstrkt to celebrate finishing, which ended in quite a drunken night. We told the promotetr (san - who is amazing) that it was Hannah's birthday so we got a cake which ended up quite... messy.

L-R; Elena (wearing y dress which looked far better on her!), Hannah (birthday girl), Katherine and me (wearing an old FCUK dress which AMAZINGLY i fit into that night - size 6!)

Dstrkt is BEAUTIFUL, probably one of the most beautiful clubs I have been to in London and it is huge, but the dancefloor is very strangely small and cramped in the middle. Fortunately we were so drunk that we didn't care!

We were supposed to go to Boujis after to see Will Smith and Selena Gomez but it seemed like too much effort when the drinks were flowing, and the cake was present!

Unfortunately on the way home the cake did get a little... devoured

and the taxi driver was NOT too happy at all, even after our fabulous singing and offerings of cake. So we had to slam the doors and run inside when he demanded 50 pounds.

The next day was spent sofa-bound, watching endless episodes of Made in Chelsea which is actually quite good (hate myself for saying this). I didn't want to watch it because we sometimes see them about and I can currently be like 'oh whatever' but now I will probably stalk them and make an idiot of myself :'(

I also have a new model agency, which is soo so soo soooo great! They are so incredibly lovely and nice, especially after my last one which was always telling me to lose weight. These ones have AMAZINGLY told me not to lose weight and that they will dye my hair blonde for me! My old one made me pay up to 300 pounds to constantly get my hair dyed brown at Harvey Nichols! :')) I have my first castings on Tuesday - Toni and Guy and another online client. Really excited to get back into it!

Also exciting news is that I am going to move to Kensington for the summer! I will go and live in my boyfriend's flat (with my own very tiny room) as it will be much easier to work and my landlords are strangely coming into our house constantly as they live next door in very cramped conditions, so I am certain that as soon as people begin leaving for summer they will inevitably move in.

this is my new model agency, Profile! :)

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