Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Last week we ditched rainy, miserable London and went to Majorca for a week of sun!
After a false start at the airport involving a cancelled flight, four hours waiting and lots of disappointment we were off two days later!

 we were really lucky - the all inclusive hotel and beach were amaaazing as well as the endless supplies of food!

  we spent most days on the beach or in the pool...

the night life was... interesting. There were 2 'clubs', about the size of a pub and they were both really cringey! There were a couple of bars, but we went to the same one each night because it reminded us of mahiki (but with much, much cheaper cocktails!) and went to a super cringey club... in the end we had to give in and out-cringe everyone!

obligatory Mediterranean kebab

Overall it was such a great relaxing holiday, really sad to be back in London working! Although I have a lot to look forward to, moving to Kensington on Sunday which will be sooo great, living with my boyfriend for the summer!

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