Tuesday, 4 June 2013


been super, super busy with modeling work! So far I have had 6 full days of work; 3 casting days and 3 test shoots. The shoots were over the weekend and I have been shattered everyday after, but the people were really talented so I think the pictures came out good.

photographer natalia

today was a day of castings - 5! It's pretty tiring when they are all over different ends of London but at least the sun is shining! I left Urban Outfitters for last - good job because there was literally about 100 models and an hour and a half wait! Luckily I made friends with a really lovely model so it went by quickly :)

massive model queue taking up the streets

casting for Look magazine was in Blue Fin building in southwark

test shoot with neil bennett - such a great photographer

interesting test saturday...

amazing wig the hair stylist had spent 3 days making!

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