Wednesday, 16 October 2013


This is for Lisa who came over on Monday for Made in Chelsea, Revenge and Lasagne. (and chocolate cake because chocolate cake is just a necessary part of life). She asked me how to make lasagne and i told her it was literally the easiest thing ever (because I am a cheat and do not slave over my white sauce or whatever for hours stirring it every 30 seconds because THIS IS JUST AS GOOD) and she asked me to write a blog post about it. As she is the only person who reads my blog I can do her this favour ;) 

- 500g mince 
- 1 onion 
- Dolmio Red Lasagne Sauce
- Dolmio White Lasagne Sauce
- Lasagne sheets (mine are from Tesco)
- Cheese

the above I think costs under £10 so it is a very good/cheap meal to cook for a group of friends, who assume that you have put loads of expense/effort into it when it actually takes like 20 minutes top to cook and 30 in the oven. 

Set your oven to warm up at 200* (that * is meant to be degrees)
basically,  you need this 

 ok I will put it into steps because for people like me, who cannot cook, steps are good. 

Step 1: cut your onions (try not to cry) and put them in a big frying pan (I use a wok) 
Step 2: put your (preferably NOT FROZEN like mine was meaning that I had to awkwardly scrape off the cooked bits of meat.. as it cooked) mince into the pan and brown it 
Step 3: put the RED sauce in the pan with the meat
Step 4: put your meaty-oniony concotion into an ovenproof dish in a not-too-thin  but not-too-big layer. 
Step 5: place the cute little lasagne rectangle sheets over your meat, try not to let any sauce come through 
Step 6: cover this pasta layer with lots and lots of white sauce yuuum (and also add some cheese if you love cheese, i put some casual mozarella balls in here) 
Step 7: repeat the process over again (so meat ontop of your white sauce etc) 
Step 8: when the dish is full up COVER IT WITH CHEESE (if you like cheese)  
Step 9: put it in the 200 degree oven for half an hour
Step 10: remove and EAT 

SO THERE YOU HAVE YOUR EASY PEASY LASANGE. And it tastes great. meat covered in cheese and pasta is pretty hard to not taste great. 


the optional last step is to eat this whilst watching crappy tv like Made in Chelsea (And then instagram a picture of your food and tag MIC and Jamie Laing will like it, worked for me) because you feel all fuzzy and warm inside knowing you are not a complete dick like spencer who probably never eats lasange. 

Enjoy! xx

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