Saturday, 12 October 2013


I have been quite crap at updating this because of the avalanche of university which has come crashing into my life and the very difficult lack of internet I have had for basically the last month. (It was seriously hard). However all is good now as I am reconnected and have actually ventured out of my flat lately for things other than university!

Starting with work (not university work, don't speak to me about that) I have been shooting a lot for Fabulous Magazine this past week. I really like shooting for them because it is nice and easy and they always have great catering, as well as every single person being completely lovely.

I did a giant fashion-awards shoot on Monday

really really really really want this dress (everything from Miss Selfridge) but I would just buy it and hang it in my wardrobe and look at it occasionally and never wear it.

which was very fun, even though we did a lot of outfits, because I had wagamamas chicken katsu curry for lunch which is my favouritest meal ever and they had wifi at the studio, which I did not have at home (therefore I could get Revenge to watch when I got home - how weird is it getting lately?)

Then on Tuesday I did another Fabulous shoot which was in association with Debenhams (which made me very very very very very happy),  I think they are having some party with my face on it which is nice?

 and for lunch... I had chicken katsu from Wagamamas again (grilled because that made me feel a teensy bit better about my upcoming obesity). When I got home on the Monday my boyfriend had come over from Cyprus and brought me back a kebab and a Cyprus sandwich as well as a tonne of bakery food so this has not exactly been a 'healthy' week. But I started Cheerleading so its fine xox

Coincidentally my friend found this the other day

that is all for work at the moment, I have a Charles Worthington show tomorrow (which means I can't go to Cheerleading which means that all of the unhealthy food I ate this week/will eat is not cancelled out) and appaaaaarently quite an exciting one on Tuesday, but I don't want to jinx it.

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