Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Sorry I've been away for a while, I've been catching up on well-needed sunshine in Cyprus! I grew up there so it's always nice to go back and visit family. I also took along my best friend Katherine so this was extra fun :)

We spent a lot of time at the beach...

and in the pool..

and eating!

^ If you ever go to Cyprus, get a mixed sandwich. They sell them literally everywhere and they are incredible, usually a mix of ham (lountza), cheese (usually halloumi), salad and mayo grilled together - amazing. Also must-eats are bakery food - not difficult to find, they have seven bakeries in my tiny village alone - especially cheese pies and sasusage rolls! The desserts are also fab. Meze is obvious - around 20 never-ending dishes come out one after another, each tasting better than the last. Most restaurants do it in Cyprus, but go for the run down tavernas - they are usually the best and most traditional!

One day we visited some camels in the camel park, and found a secluded beach with its' very own DJ! (Apparently called Bananarama beach - found in Kiti/Mazotos)

There was a tiny beach shack on the deserted beach, run by a family who were all sitting eating. We got some amazing value and tasting food there - a humongous greek salad, mixed sandwich and drinks for 7 euros!

We sourced out a surf school who kindly invited us to their party complete with free paddle boarding - everyone in Cyprus is really friendly and hospitable!

We also went and visited Nicola who lives in Limassol - in my opinion this is the best place in Cyprus to live/holiday - it is a 'town' complete with beautiful beaches and places to go. Larnaca is a little bare, Ayia Napa is very touristy, Nicosia is in the centre of the island and so just boiling hot, and Paphos is quite touristy/far from everything. A new marina has opened up in Limassol and it's beautiful - I prefer the old town though!

And the old town..

Definitely worth a visit if you go to Cyprus! We made a good tour of the south of the island, starting in Larnaca, up to Limassol and back down to Protaras and Ayia Napa - more on that next time!

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