Sunday, 1 June 2014


Can you believe it is finally June?! I am sooo happy it is finally here, fingers crossed the sun comes out a bit more in London! Not that it really matters, because I am off to Cyprus in a week and the sun is definitely out there :)


1. No Chocolate
I have fallen off the diet wagon for the last week and a new month which also happens to be bikini month is a great time to get back on (and stay on!). It is important when you have (massive uncontrollable chocolate fuelled) relapses that you just draw a line under it as quickly as possibe, and make better choices next time. I am going to try and give up chocolate again completely - I managed to once, it is just so addictive! I used to smoke for 5 years and giving that up was far easier than giving up chocolate (best decision I have ever made). After three days, it is fine - it's just those three days are really difficult! Wish me luck!

2. Learn to Drive
After the excitement of finishing university I have just been hanging out with friends, working and partying too much. I need to learn how to drive ASAP before my time gets super filled up! It's hard because I really hate learning how to drive, thinking to do automatic this time.. any thoughts?

Every time you see a bug you slugged someone in the car with you... yellow bugs gave you more points in the "Slug Bug" game!  I grew up with brothers!

3. Travel!
As mentioned, next week I am going to Cyprus with my best friend Katherine and I am so excited for it. I used to live there but haven't been back in two years so I will definitely appreciate it this time - can't wait to just lie on the beach and not have any worries bigger than what we are going to do that evening. And the food. Cypriot food is insanely amazing.

4. Grades
I get my results on June 25, and this will pretty much determine the rest of my life (to an extent). I sort of hate and love the anticipation of opening results - my A level ones were a pretty horrendous experience but it all sorted itself out in the end (make sure you get a remark if your results aren't what you expected - mine went up 14 marks as they missed 2 pages of my exam!)
 Fingers crossed that this goes well though, I have put in so much work over the last three years so really, really hope this shows! Then I will officially be a law graduate!

5. Relax!
It's officially summer - time to have fun! :)

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  1. Oh, Nr1 sounds good, but I could never do it. I like dark chocolate too much. And cake and cookies and ahhh ... too many options! ;)
    Cyprus food is really amazing. I also long for the long, hot Summer nights and holidays. My bachelor degree is also coming to an end, can't wait to move on to a bigger chapter. Hope you have a nice week ahead & lots of sunshine!