Wednesday, 1 October 2014

DISARONNO wears Versace

Last night I was introduced to the amazing Disaronno (how has this drink been missing from my life?! hello vodka replacement) and got to see its rather snazzy makeover by Versace.


This makeover of course had its own fabulous launch party, as all well-dressed alcoholic beverages should have. 

Phoebe & I wore heels and towered over everyone! Amazing Disaronno drinks were served - it is almost too easy to drink..

But, as they had been given the Versace treatment it would have been a crime not to have obliged in a couple... or a half-dozen. And just look how pretty the bottle is! We were given our own mini souvenir bottle (complete with incredible Disaronno which didn't last too long) - definitely the prettiest spirit I have seen!

So luckily there were lots of little delicious snacks being floated around to soak up the excessive cocktails! There was also temporary tattoos by Divine Ink on offer, which I have secretly become quite attached to and really want a star on my wrist...

But I don't think it will go down too well with work - fake will have to do! We also got involved in the photo booth, which being technologically advanced was able to email me a GIF of us being covered in confetti whilst posing cheesily. 

The underground caves were beautifully set out to match the bottles, with plenty of room for dancing to DJs Zara Martin & Jade Williams' old school classics. Fabulously dressed people mingled with other fabulously dressed people, and air kisses were everywhere, darling. 

But we were too busy playing in the empty areas! 

A wonderful night for a beautiful bottle of alcohol's d├ębut - definitely try it out, it tastes as good as it looks! 

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