Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Work Lately

So Autumn has officially arrived and so have oversized knit jumpers, cosy coats big enough to get lost in, knee high boots and umbrellas. I manage to lose my umbrella literally every time I take it outside!

I have been shooting a lot of grey, as can be seen in the Sun Newspaper..

And  the Sunday Mirror magazine, Notebook, with the incredible photographer Dan Williams -

Grey grey grey. It's all good though, because grey is a really nice colour to wear - it's flattering and looks expensive.

Also shot for my favourites at Fabulous Magazine..

I love doing shoots where you get made up all grungy as it is such a change from normal, apparently my 'bitch face' is quite a good one too so it helps!

Also a cool little shoot for New Magazine, with a really lovely model called Marieke. It is really fun when you have other models on shoots - half the work and double the fun :)

Also everything £5 - look out for it soon on buses (!)

A shoot from the Summer came out in Velvet Magazine, which was such a fun day playing tourist.. 

A bit of my favourite Asos..
Image 1 of Hilfiger Denim Long Padded Jacket With Faux Fur Trimmed Hood

Definitely time to buy a parka like that one from Hilfiger..

Finally, super excitingly I got to shoot at Missguided HQ this week. The team, who I previously met shooting their Awesummer campaign with Joanna Halpin, are so lovely and welcoming. Their office literally looks like a tumblr explosion - there are print outs of awesome shoots and images all over the walls, their models, poses, inspiration, polaroids of everyone, models - everything you can imagine is on their pastel coloured walls. It was such a fun day and I completely fell in love with every thing I wore - at least I know how to find it now!


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