Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014

2014 was an amazing year for the most part - I hope you had a good one too! I let go of worrying about the future and decided to enjoy the present, which happens to be awesome. 

I finally finished my Law degree and graduated with a 2.1. I surfed in Barbados with my family, ate souvla on a yacht in Cyprus with Katherine, frolicked on nudist beaches in Croatia with Lisa and overloaded on chocolate in Brussels with Dima. I worked for some of my dream clients like ASOS, Urban Outfitter's and Missguided. I walked in London Fashion Week, and went to a party at Elton John's draped in Chopard diamonds. My first campaign for JD Sports came out in the shops. I came second in my first ever cheerleading competition with my best friend. I moved in with Dima (after 4 years!) and stole his wardrobe space. I had a pizza party surrounded by my best friends in the world, as well as lots of other amazing nights causing mischief in London's clubs. I completed three internships and got a bit of an insight into the 'real world'! I finally learned to drive and passed my test first time. And I also ate some pretty amazing stuff too, as usual. 

 I have got literally no idea what is coming in 2015, but let's hope it is as great as 2014! 

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