Tuesday, 2 December 2014

I passed!!!

Just a quick post to say that I incredibly passed my driving test first time this week! After way way way too many lessons (spanning over 3 years, 3 teachers, 2 countries) I finally got around to taking my test after having some intensive lessons from the wonderful teacher, Sherif. I did have a major meltdown about ten minutes before my test (tears and wailing were involved) but managed to pull myself together for the test in which I only got 1 (out of a possible 15) minor mistake - beating my boyfriend and brother with 2, ha! 

I'm so, so happy and proud of myself for setting this goal and finally succeeding in it - if you have your test, remember confidence is key. After a wobbly start, my examiner was luckily very nice and made me feel really comfortable, so I settled in easily. I don't think I've ever been so happy to pass anything before! 

Watch out on the roads - I can finally join everyone else and zoom around the streets of London (in the distant future, when I can actually afford a car!) 

If you are looking for a driving teacher in London, I really can't recommend Sherif enough. Find him here

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