Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Arriving in Marrakech

In March, I achieved one of my ultimate modeling dreams - be taken abroad for a job! Fabulous Magazine & New Look teamed up to promote New Look's new (stunning) range based on Marrakech, and chose me to model it! Within a week of the phone call, I was sitting on a plane about to burst from excitement, on the way to 30 degree sunshine and the unknown. 

We arrived at the stunning Marrakech airport and were met by some lovely people from James English Productions, who took us to our Riad. It was in the old town, which is an 8 mile radius walled city, in which cars aren't allowed. 

My first impression of Marrakech is that it just a complete assault of the senses. You can smell the exotic food sizzling on open fires, hear the singing and laughing of the locals, see the complete array of colour and random things - monkeys, snakes, donkeys, motorbikes. It is loud, buzzy and the atmosphere is like no other. 

This was all in the five minute walk to our house! Following the three men carting our suitcases along in wheelbarrows, we took a turning down one of the many little alleys into almost complete silence. Except for the occasional motorbike zooming past!

Then we got to our house, our Riad. We stayed in Riad Yamina - Yamina being the incredibly warm, welcoming owner of the incredible house. Without a doubt, it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever stayed. 

And my bedroom was amazing. 

I loved it so much - I've always wanted a four poster bed! That night, we were treated to an amazing Italian dinner by the talented chef Jeff who was brought out especially for our trip, eaten by the pool :) 

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