Friday, 17 April 2015

WakaWaka Marrakech

When I saw on my call sheet we were shooting 'WakaWaka', I wondered if this was maybe a new type of print or range of clothes. Nope, it was just where we were shooting - a hostel!

Buried deep within the Souk, I was expecting a run down 'edgy' place - edgy was about right! From the moment we walked through the doors, we were hit by colour and beauty at every angle. It was one of the most beautiful places I saw in Marrakech!

It had an open air centre, like most Riads - a huge lack of ceiling. I think here and at our Riad they had covers, but if some rain suddenly came along you were in for a problem!

It was an incredible place for a shoot. The photographer captured parts of multicoloured walls and cushions in a magical way (Jamie Gray - he's amazing!). We were also given hot pancakes and almond dip by the lovely people who worked there which were great shooting fuel.

I especially liked the roof garden (as all houses there seem to have!)

Climb up the rickety stairs and come out in a burst of colour!

I love the shade of this blue - the make up artist had shot in this exact spot before, Debenhams, winter coats in 50 degrees heat! Thankfully we only had summery light clothes, and a 'cool' 30 degrees to shoot in.

We also came across the oldest WakaWaka resident..

The very cute, friendly tortoise! He had 'doom' painted on him - how mean :(

Here's a sneak peek of me - I had my eyebrows dyed blonde/nonexistent for this shoot and they are only just starting to grow back in a very uneven, unflattering fashion.

It was another incredible shoot and I loved the pictures from it, they're like nothing I've ever done before!

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  1. Wow, Marrakech looks beautiful and so colorful! I hope you had a wonderful time in there. With love,

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