Friday, 16 August 2013

Saatchi Saturday

I am moving back to East London in a matter of weeks, so this has motivated me to go and explore the area I currently live in a bit more! I am living in Gloucester Road now with my boyfriend, and it is amaaazing. Amazing to walk down the street on your phone without fear of being mugged, being so central, always having someone there to listen to your days and give you a hug, right next to my best friend. Unfortunately uni is in the East so I will have to downgrade for another year!

We went to the market in Duke of York Square and decided to try out the 'best sandwich in Chelsea' - it did not disappoint!

For £5.50 each we decided to be greedy and get two, and hid around the back stuffing our faces - it was GOOD. In an attempt to burn off calories/be cultural and productive we wandered into the Saatchi Gallery. 

I like the Saatchi Gallery as they update their collections quite regularly, so there is always something new to see - and there are around six or seven different galleries so it is really diverse. Best of all, it is free! As always, there is completely random art which I probably could have done at home but there was also some really cool exhibits such at this:

made completely out of kites!

and the 'abstract'..

(thrilling - there were three giant canvases dedicated to this art) 

My favourite was the Hugo Boss Red exhibition they currently have on, as it is more interactive than the rest. There was a projector shining light and shadows over a wall, which we played in for ages!

and a giant red completely random dome, with no identifiable point other than ruining your hair whilst trying to get into it!

Would definitely recommend a visit to both the gallery and market, it was an amazing day!

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