Friday, 23 August 2013


This week I have been lucky enough to be working nearly everyday!

starting off with a behind-the-scenes picture from our shoot for Ballad Of magazine (I'm the one on the right!). It was in Kent, so I had a trek down there in the morning and then met everybody. I'm never really sure what to expect with editorial shoots as sometimes everybody is lovely, sometimes theres food, sometimes the clothes are fantastic.. and sometimes they are all not. Luckily, this shoot was really lovely! Everybody was super talented, and really nice. They were all starting out so all wanted to get good pictures! It was the photographer's first editorial shoot and she took some really great pictures. Her mum fed us all really cute sandwiches and crisps! :')

On Sunday I had a loong day working for Tyla Blade S/S 14, her look book. This was on a completely different level in terms of experience and how hard I had to work! we did about 40 outfits all together, after ten hours on set! Luckily there were lots of Marks & Spencer cookies to keep us going, and the clothes were amazing.

Tyla Blade S/S14 preview

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to be selected to be a model for a photographer called Lara Jade's photography workshop! It was a really fun day, set in an old spice factory in Greenwich with completely amazing rooms and props! Everyone was really nice and there were two other models there to hang out with so we didn't get bored! We got there at 8.30 am and didn't work until 2pm! So not too hard of a day ;)

Eliza, me and Ida :)

Then a couple of days ago I had a hair and make up test, which was really quick and easy so it was great! These are the best because you are basically being made up to look pretty :') then taking a picture and redoing it!

Today I have a fitting for Erdem - though I'm not entirely sure what a fitting consists of so I suppose I will find out! :)

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