Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Country Break

Last week was my best friend Katherine's birthday, and she lives in a tiny village on the outskirts of Sailsbury (the smallest town in England!) so we all made our way down there to celebrate her turning 20. She was having a 'tea party', or in other words, a giant food feast!


she made all of the above, which was super impressive as it was all amazing (and I ate far more than my fair share!) 


Flat 23 (from university halls) reunited!

Luckily she has a trampoline, so we managed to burn off probably the equivalent calories of a single lemon meringue cupcake on it (better than nothing right?)

some couldn't take the cake sloshing around... unlike me

The next day we went for a long country walk, which was amazing in comparison to being in London for so long! And we finished it off by coming back to Katherine's and picking blackberries from her (insanely amazing) garden.

Amazing party, the best kind, centered around food with your best friends :) 

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