Tuesday, 3 September 2013


This has been a pretty busy week as I have moved into my new flat in Whitechapel! I am really upset to leave Kensington and my boyfriend but will be super convenient living five minutes from university :( (and i most definitely would never go in if I had to travel 45 minutes a day!)

The flat is super nice, though in the most ghetto  interesting area ever... here's hoping to not get stabbed!

My new flatmates (Louisa and Arianna) are super lovely and they both have really nice boyfriends, so we had sort of a couples night drinking Moet and playing Articulate! 

my new bedroom has been quite stressful to sort out as I am a major hoarder and have had to get rid of loads of clothes, and choose between an extra wardrobe and a desk! 

The desk won... which Dima very nicely put together for me! We went to Ikea which started out fine, found a beautiful desk and chair... then found out they were sold out *meltdown* .. then found another desk (below) and chair.. although the chair was not actually a chair, and was just a random desk put in that area! The effort of taking it back is too much so we have just kept it! 

Also the checkout guy overcharged me by £30 for something, super annoying! Ikea is not as great as it seems :'( Although their meatballs and super cheap food was prettyyyy good! 

For now I am back to Kensington because my flatmates haven't properly moved in yet! It is as beautiful as ever :) 

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