Thursday, 13 March 2014


Last weekend, Dima and I decided to leave the dusty, grey streets of London for a day at the seaside! I can't believe I have lived in London for three years now and never been down to Brighton, it is only an hours train ride away and we paid £10 for return tickets. It also basically exudes happiness, although that might have been the sunshine!

The pier was a short walk down from the station, and we spent a long time searching for shells and tasting the local delights 

I was SO happy to be back by the ocean, with people smiling at you and saying good morning unlike in London where you get shoved as people rush past you with stressed faces. Growing up in Cyprus I lived five minutes from the beach and it was amazing.

everyone in brighton seems to have a dog. that is probably why they are all so happy and smiley - this dog played football! 

We eventually found ourselves at the world famous pier, and we were not disappointed :)

another thing about Brighton is that everything is ridiculously cheap compared to London, even the rides (above) were half the price of fairs I have been to before. We ended up spending most of our money in the arcade..... like quite a lot...

we may have over-exerted ourselves and needed a lie down - conveniently the pier had laid out deckchairs for people needing a snooze in the midday sun!

For lunch we found a restaurant hidden deep in the streets- one thing I found so cute was that basically all of the roads in Brighton share their names with London ones - which served amazing fresh fish and mussels. We spent the rest of our time wandering around the tiny streets filled to the brim with vintage shops, eloquent bakeries and countless coffee shops.

We had such an amazing time in Brighton, it is definitely worth a trip down there, especially if you live in London which can get quite dreary after a while!

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