Tuesday, 25 March 2014

W hotel

The W hotel is quickly becoming my favourite place to hang out. London Village Kids have started up a sort of model-hang out there, (so if you are modeling in London definitely sign up. straight away.) - they also do really great nights out in London for everyone so definitely worth checking them out, some really cool people. Back to the W. It is such a beautiful hotel and located bang in the middle of Leicester Square and Picadilly Circus. 

Hiding behind M&M's world - a gigantic W

Their theme seems to be... disco balls. But instead of one looming conspicuously over a big room, they sort of exploded them into every conceivable place, which looks awesome.  

We are lucky enough to use the gym, and I went to check it out the other day - amazing. Super high tec machines and relatively empty in comparison to my sweaty university gym! 

I don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful gym - running on a treadmill that overlooks London is a nice change to running on a treadmill that overlooks.. a wall. 

The best part, is obviously the sauna/steam room. 

The lounge in W is also amazing, a really chilled out and relaxed place to grab a drink or two and study/use their free wifi.
Their food is amazing, and they have two very cool sections which remind me of seasons - one 'wintery' section with blazing, swanky fires 

and one section with beautiful floor to ceiling windows, meaning it is a beautifully light place to go and sit. I watched enviously a couple of people having an afternoon tea in there, and it looked incredible! Definitely planning to go and elegantly devour some mini-cakes with Dima soon! 

They also have a club (whatttt!) and I've heard that on the weekends it gets pretty busy there, which must mean it is good! As well as a cinema - they should definitely install these in every hotel! If you are looking to stay in London it is literally perfect and very different from all the other hotels I've been to! Definitely worth checking out, even for a cheeky lunch :) (they have mini burgers - enough said.) 


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