Friday, 7 March 2014

Sleep, Eat, Work, Work out, Repeat

As a model, you have to be in shape. As a stressed final-year law student, you have to have energy to do the millions of pages of reading each week and essays that come hurling at you, and your only solace is chocolate. I have to get into shape very quicky for a very important and exciting job that I really, really want so I have finally got the motivation I need to eliminate junk food and work out - hard. Also exams are coming up which means I have got to stay on top of all my uni work!

The first way of doing this is go to the gym. Obviously most people don't need to lose weight quickly, but if you want it to stay off you need to do regular exercise and eat healthily (guilty). I have been doing cheerleading which is amazing for strength building (I can now beat my friends in arm wrestling competitions) but not great for actually losing weight as there is not that much cardio in it. So I have begrudingly started running for twenty minutes a day which I really hate.

The second method is to do exercise at home - over the holidays our cheerleading posted a daily conditioning challenge which takes only ten minutes and is very effective, combining 30 seconds exercise. Here it is..

Each exercise must last a minimum of 30 seconds.

All exercise sections must be performed continuously with no breaks until all exercises for that section are complete.

1) Legs
Squat jumps (must bend to 90 degrees with chest up and arms above head)
Switch lunges (lunges on alternating legs with jumps, arm above head at all times)
Rebound jumps (straight jumps with arms above your head, pushing only with your calves and keeping your legs completely straight with each rebound)
Rock backs and tuck jump (Rock backwards onto your back with your legs in the air and immediately rock forwards onto both feet, trying to stand up and once standing up tuck jump immediately)

Press ups (elbows next to body, chest/boobs to floor, squeeze you bum the whole time to prevent 'sagging' and push straight up. If not normal press ups then do press ups on your knees)
Press ups with wide arms (arms at 90 degrees to body, same as before)
Diamond press ups (make a diamond on the floor using your hands (index finger to index finger and thumb to thumb) and do press ups, aim to put your chest on your hands)
Dips (hands on edge of desk/chair with body facing away, start with straight arms and bend your arms until 90 degrees, repeat)

Dish hold (lie flat, raise shoulders and feet slightly off the floor, hold and squeeze you abs and bum)
Sit up with twists (sit up, elbow to contra-lateral knee and lie down, repeat)
N sits (hold dish and then tuck your body, knees to chest and then go back to dish, repeat)
Scissors (lie in dish, raise and lower opposite legs)
Plank (hold this plank with your toes UNDER your feet (i.e. do not hold plank on your toes)

Jogging with high knees (knees must rise above hip height otherwise it is futile)
Burpies (Hit press up position, pull legs to elbows and immediately kick back and stand up, then hit press up position etc)
Jogging with high knees again
Burpies but lie down (do not hit press up position but instead lie down and stand back up immediately, repeat)
Jogging with high knees
Tuck jumps (arms above head, chest up, jump and bring knees to chest, must do this with feet together)

This will take you approx 10mins. You can have a 30 second break in between - there is an app on iphones called 'SIT' which times thirty seconds continuously. 

The third method I am going to combine with the above two (for as long as I can manage!) is daily yoga. Lisa posted the link on her blog; Here is the challenge. Stretching is a major part of working out which is often neglected (definitely by me!)

Also I am going to attempt to drink as much water as I can, an obvious one. I wrote a healthy eating plan this morning listing my motivation, the foods that I can eat and a checklist to tick off daily (inspired by our fabulous cleaning chart which has generated world war 3 in our flat).

Hopefully by posting this I will get some further motivation/motivate others- I definitely need all the help I can get!

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