Saturday, 6 September 2014

Lord of the Rings Marathon Feast

So I have never seen Lord of the Rings. Combine this with Dima finding a random marathon recipe on the internet and eight hours cooking the day before, the LOTR marathon feast was born.

We start the day at 8.00, dressing up like good hobbitses.

Starting with Honey Nut Cake with Bilbo's orange marmalade, and coffee/tea. This was super amazing, and the entire cake was gone by the end of the day due to nibbling little hobbits.

At 9.00 we settled down with our blankets, french toast, strawberries, banana, bacon & sasuage to watch LOTR 1. 
Not the prettiest dish ever, but still pretty good! 

11.00 meant 'Elevenses' which resulted in mega sugar highs and lows as we munched away on Lambas Bread & sipped our tablespoon-of-sugar Menry's Mulled Cider. (Who is Menry? I have no idea, but his mulled cider is quite nice, if a little odd before lunchtime). 
Peel back the Thai banana leaf... 
Lambas bread! According to our mate Legalas, a bite should sustain a man for a day. Like ze hobbits, we probably ate about 6 each. 

At 13.00 we had finished LOTR 1 (it was ok, Frodo is super annoying and Sam is the hero of this entire trilogy, it is safe to say), I had gone for the quickest of runs around the block due to my insane sugar high, and returned to luncheon -  Po-tay-to and Onion Soup. Why is it spelled like that? I have no idea, apparently someone in the film says it so. 
This soup was pretty nourishing and amazing though, and the perfect accompaniment to LOTR 2, which was my favourite out of the three. 

Afternoon tea was at 15.00 where we were greeted by some lavendar muffins, Bilbo's tea cake & tea. Probably my favourite 'meal', the tea cake was ridiculously insane and was quickly eaten up as we all became extremely food coma-ey. 

LOTR 2 finished and 3 was hastily put on. It also coincided with 17.00 - Dinner - Balim's Spiced Boar. Aka roast pork/beef/vegtables. I just managed some vegetables, my stomach was rapidly losing space. 
I don't have a picture of the meat - probably due to a food coma - but here is a cuter picture of Alex, Dima and Danny aka the LOTR chefs 8)

Did you think dinner meant it was over? Don't be silly, Supper is at 19.00 and it is obviously COTTAGE PIE because who doesn't need a huge nourishing slice of meat and potato after a long hard day of eating and watching tv?

And last but definitely not least, my contribution came at 21.00- The Londoner's Chocoberry Cookies! These were literally insane, and due to putting way too much chocolate/eating before ready etc. it was basically just a huge mound of delicious chocolate chip cookie dough, with raspberries. 

That concludes our LOTR day! I unfortunately fell asleep half an hour before the ending of the last film, so the films were basically a GIANT WASTE OF TIME as I don't really know what happened in the end due to an insane amount of food and too much tv. I was quite impressed I stayed awake throughout the first two, I have quite a reputation of falling asleep during any kind of film. 

 Definitely worth trying out, if you have the dedication/time/energy/motivation! 

You shall not pass! 

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