Saturday, 6 September 2014



It's been a while, I've been super busy running about modelling..  (and storming the ASOS sample sale at work!)

Finding fun places to go around my new neighbourhood (note: the gym is not fun) 

Travelling a lot to and from Coventry (where I grew up) after some really horrible news, but luckily everything seems to be slowly looking up. Everything fell apart so incredibly fast, take the time every day to appreciate what you have & being healthy. 

and.. slowly entering the real world! 

I super randomly started a 'real' internship at Sauce, dealing with restaurant PR. It has been a week of adjustment (sitting in an office 9.30-6 everyday is quite a change from flitting around to castings!) but I have really enjoyed it and everyone is so lovely. I've also probably learned more in the past week of 'real life' skills than I did during my whole 3 years of a law degree so that is pretty useful! (I can now officially use excel, make labels, use the post machine, scan, print - the list of madness goes on!)

I promise to be back on the blogosphere more often now that I have settled down a little bit, although there is fashion week coming up (begrudgingly) next week so things may get quite hectic again! 

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