Sunday, 30 November 2014

My Week in Instagram

I haven't done one of these posts before, but as I use instagram a lot (too much) it is probably worth showing you what I got upto! My username is @leannemaskell - follow me for a random collection of pictures showing my life (most of them are of food!)

A very true ASOS selfie to start the day..

After a month of giving up my 'healthy' diet (mulled wine calls my name... everyday) I have decided to get back into it. Dima cooks all his meals for the week in advance which is pretty snazzy as I usually can't be bothered to cook and go for something nutritious and quick, like lindt. This week I simply boiled up some potatoes, leeks, carrots, broccoli and onion, gave it a whizz and voila - the easiest, healthiest soup ever! It was really good too.
Today I plan on making another one as that did so well to sustain me throughout the week, so I'll post a recipe!

The healthy soup was mildly counteracted by a gigantic roast at Tommyfield, which was rather excellent and good value. It was Elena's birthday (next to me) and lovely to get everyone together again.


On Monday I officially started my work experience in the Advertising sector of Virgin Media. It was such a fun day (although I am 100% sure not everyday is like this) - the Discovery Channel put on an event for Virgin Media and showcased incredible things in different rooms relating to their channels. I heard from Ed Stafford, who walked the entire Amazon/has his own show called Marooned where he lives on deserted islands for 60 days; the British motorbike champion whose name I forget and an actress portraying an ID watcher. My favourite rooms were the TLC room, where I iced cakes with the bosses of Virgin which was quite surreal, and the Animal Planet room where I met loads of amazing animals - racoons, snakes, hedgehogs, lizards, chinchillas, meerkats, sloths. I'd quite like a job to just go to these events!


I was lucky enough to peek at the offices of advertising mega agency BBH - every floor has these amazing quotes and there is free breakfast for all. Had a really interesting day doing work experience :)

I don't know about you, but when it the wind is howling and rain is pouring outside the last thing in the world I want to do is layer up and go to the gym. All I really use at the gym is a treadmill, so when I spotted one online for £130 (reduced from £400!!) here I decided it would be worth giving it a shot and cancelling my gym membership. It is of the quality you'd expect for the price, not fast enough to do any serious sprinting but just the right speed for a crap  'steady' jogger like me. It is also super easy to store, folding up in the corner of my bedroom so I have started watching I'm A Celebrity whilst jogging on it. It works pretty well - I'd definitely recommend if you are looking for an alternative to the gym! (Although I'd better come back to you after a month's use!)


A day at glamorous Everything5Pounds - this day they had a new make up artist who did a really good job (my caption was 'wish I could do my make up like this' - I am hideous at make up and tend to stick with concealer/mascara).

And another ASOS pic as they uploaded the new pictures this day - I can usually be found here.


A beautiful breakfast by Lisa  - often known as the queen of breakfast. They are always beautifully presented and healthy, filled with random Wholefoods bits like bee pollen and cocoa nibs. Check out her blog for her post on my next picture..

Bodos Schloss! Definitely one of my favourite clubs, especially at this time of year when it is decorated so Christmassy and the schniztel, strudel and drinks-in-giant-dogs are flowing. Thursday is an amazing night where they play old, amazing music. We made friends with X Factor's Stereokicks this night, who were all a very nice group of guys.


This is the BEST THING I HAVE EVER EATEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. I am a major fan of chocolate souffle, and the magicians at Lindt have found a way to incorporate it into their fab chocolate. If you see this, do whatever you have to do to get it. (I got mine from Waitrose).

And here are some beautiful new Chelsea Boots bought from ASOS (ASOS feature way too heavily on my instagram/life), for £40. They are my Christmas present from my mum (which I chose and paid for... so technically my present to myself), fit perfectly but are a little more green than I realised, especially in the light! I still looove them very much indeed :)

A Korean feast at Tohbang, and Sketch's amazing bathrooms (see my last posts)


A random hand transfer tattoo from Unique Freak Tattoos - I really love these! I put this on before my driving lesson to hope for good luck (kind of worked), as my test is on Monday. I am truly terrified.

And here is a cute snap of me and Dima at the Southbank yesterday. We went and filled our stomachs with incredible food, and checked out the Christmas market. It is all lit up and beautiful, I can't wait for Christmas!

Hope you enjoyed my mega insta-post, what are your instagrams??

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