Friday, 12 July 2013


This amazing weather we are having in London at the moment calls for nothing more than lazing around in the sun... preferably eating homemade pizza (as below).

Yesterday turned into a bit of a cooking day, with me (successfully!) cooking a 'skinny' shrimp curry and Dima deciding to make loads of dough to leave overnight and turn into amazing, thin crusted pizzas the next day. They are much healthier than normal, with the only ingredients being yeast, flour, water, tomatoes, mozarella and basil! :')

I had a shoot on Wednesday for a magazine submission which was a really lovely day in the (sort of) countryside, with an amazing team who were all really talented.

Wednesday was also mine and my boyfriend's 3 year anniversary so we went to The Rum Kitchen - which was increeedible and then to Eclipse for some watermelon martinis, conveniently located a 5 minute walk away from our flat!

Some incredible chicken concoction at the rum kitchen - everything we had was amazing! 

including their cocktails...

and chicken wings..

This weekend is the first one i have off for ages so I am going to enjoy it at the park! <3

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