Saturday, 6 July 2013

FEAST London

This has been a very food-centered week. On Tuesday we went to Big Easy (great lobster and prices, bad service), Wednesday to Bone Daddies and Thursday to FEAST which I was so, so excited about! We went last year and it was incredible and this year did not disappoint.

We started with a yum bun, which I have heard a lot about and was amazing!

Soft doughy bun filled with pork and amazing hot sauce!

Then me and Lisa moved on to The Rum Kitchen's chicken bake - my boyfriend Dima and new flatmate Matt decided to venture on a meatier (more expensive) journey whilst me and Lisa tried to split food to make it cheaper and less obesity-inducing!

this was really really good and I reaaally now want to go try the restaurant in Notting Hill (but I am a bit broke after this week!)

Then we moved on to ... DEEP FRIED OREOS

which I think is probably one of the best things I have ever eaten!

Lisa went for a macaroon ice cream sandwich..

while I went for a giant slice of chocolate and sea salt cake which I finished off later (very drunk)

Dima and Matt also got....

GINORMOUS ribs, 40 day wagu steak, huge big apple hot dogs, risotto kimichi balls... and a cute little dessert pot to finish..

We went as soon as it opened (5pm) to beat the massive queues that inevitably form and rolled home by about 7 pm to have a quick nap before mahiki!

me and my new flatmates :') (aka my boyfriend and his flatmate)

me and my best friend :')

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