Tuesday, 9 July 2013

This week

I have been pretty busy with work this week, shooting on Sunday...

for an interesting test shoot. Monday..

in an extremely weird location, called Curious Science which was basically a science prop studio place. So it was filled with weird and completely random objects, such as:

This was for a final year university student's project and was a really fun and relaxed day! The other models were really lovely so it was great. Afterwards I headed over to Shoreditch House with some friends for burgers and pimms by the pool :)

Me and the boyfriend just went to Covent Garden and paid a trip to Homeslice which was aaaaaamazing Italian pizza! Then he wanted burgers so we joined the ridiculously long queue for Shake Shack, an American chain which has just opened up in London so we were expecting good things.
He decided to go for their most expensive burger at £9.50, cheesy crinkle chips, 'concrete' frozen custard and mix-ins. I had a chocolate monstrosity which included brownies and he had a salted caramel one. 
It definitely was not worth the wait, which was disappointing! It was literally 'fast' food, there were about 20 people working in a tiny kitchen mass producing burgers which were on the same level as McDonalds and while the frozen custard was good, it wasn't worth waiting in a queue of 20-30 minutes for. 

It is crazy how hype and marketing can make something so popular even when it is really low quality! I would definitely avoid - our teeth were physically hurting afterwards because of the sugar overload! 

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