Sunday, 21 July 2013


I haven't been clubbing for ages, so last night I decided to try out Maddox, having heard a lot about it but never getting the chance to go before. My agency were doing a night there so we had an amaaaaazing dinner in the club beforehand. 

Beetroot salad, ravioli and lottttts of cake (typical model diet) 

including these giant profeteroles which were amaazing :')


The club itself is amazing, it has a courtyard with fairy lights where everyone gathers and the main section of the club is really nice, it was really good to go somewhere else as we usually go out to the same clubs. My favourite part was the secret room though! Through the back corridors (through the kitchen!) was a green room which was absolutely beaautiful! They open it up at 3am apparently when the rest of the club closes but I didn't stay long enough to find out! 


the people in there are a lot older than what I was used to, but this can be a good thing (less drama!). Would definitely recommend, but make sure you have a table as it can be pretty crowded without one! 

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