Thursday, 3 April 2014

Park frolic

Revision period is once again well and truly upon us. However this year feels a little different to the last one's months of stress, tears and breakdowns because I know that it is (probably/hopefully) the LAST time I will ever be going through it! Yes, after three very quick years I am finishing my law degree. Revision is actually going alright at the moment because I worked really hard this year and really gave everything to have a memorable final year of university (starting up a chess club anyone?) - so it feels sort of like a natural progression. But at the same time, it still sucks!

So the small things in life are currently making me very happy as they provide a distraction from trying to wrap my head around Hart! (Jurisprudence - if you don't know what it is, count yourself lucky.) Last week I went to visit my bestest friend Lisa for a study break :) 

Lisa has joined me on the quest for a perfect summer body and so has also joined me in spending a ridiculous amount of money/time procrastinating by finding new 'healthy' yet amazing recipes. Here is one of  her trademark amazing breakfast's - chia seeks soaked overnight in almond milk, porridge, some strange superfood powder which tastes like cacao, banana and coconut. Amazing. 

It gave us lots of energy to run around the park with Riley! 

wearing a Reiss jumper, Topshop jeans and Nike trainers 


My beautiful new Nike trainers.. which I think my feet have had a little trouble adjusting to after getting used to bad quality shoes, but they will get over it! (apparently Achilles heel is a real problem on your body?!)

stripes anybody?

Wearing a Zara trench and Reiss scarf (my favourite scarf ever!) 

Lisa lives on kings road. When I visit her, it is somewhat like stepping into a dream land where the parks are filled with blossom and puppies, the owners of whom chat about their days and say goodmorning (as opposed to the park outside my flat which is alternatively occupied by the local drug dealers and police, searching for needles!). A great thing about London is all of it's hidden parks - the one we went to is literally behind Lisa's flat in Worlds End, and is seriously beautiful! There are lots hidden all over London, it's just a matter of finding them (and sometimes scaling the gates!)

Then we all bundled off to Jak's (also opened up recently in World's End, and seriously amazing) to have a study day where we succeeding in opting for green juice as opposed to their seriously impressive cakes, and the looming waft of freshly baked muffins! 

Riley loves his toothbrush! 

On another random note, I'm in this week's Look magazine! :) 


Don't let revision get you down! xx 

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