Tuesday, 12 August 2014


It's funny how the epitome month of Summer can also feel like the beginning of Autumn - especially with the weather we have been getting recently! I've still been up to a few summery adventures though, mainly featuring food..

Recently discovered Amorino ice cream with Lisa - the most incredible ice cream ever, they let you pile on as many flavours as you can into your 'flower' of heaven.

Of course I went for a modest amount - chocolate, coffee, mango, coconut and lemon... and of course working it off by climbing to the top of these rocks ;)

The weather has been so nice recently (up until now..) that the treadmill has lost it's appeal and I've started playing football and frisbee with Dima most days in the park!

That's the nice thing about London - although there's not often enough room for a garden, there are so many parks around that there's really no excuse for not getting out in the sun!

We invested in a spiralizer.. 
I convinced Dima we need one in our lives - mainly so that I could make The Londoner's slutty pasta! Definitely worth it, and it's so nice being able to eat big bowls of 'pasta' without the guilt!

I also recently discovered Crussh - a really healthy cafe chain which I had never ventured into before. Their food was amazing and this smoothie (the fatburner) cheered up my day nicely.

August is quite a quiet month in the fashion world, so there has been rather a lot of lazing around with cocktails - the above are Watermelon concoctions at Eclipse in Kensington, their cocktails are divine! The watermelon martini is an absolute must :)

We also ventured up into Camden recently, to try out Camden Lock market on the weekend. I found the most amazing wrap from a stall called Chia - chicken and halloumi wrap with all different kinds of healthy nuggets in it such as pomegrante and purple cabbage - worth going back and fighting the crowds for!

The real winner of Camden though was Batch Brownies. I had heard of them and they did not disappoint - they exceeded my wildest brownie dreams. They had run out of their brownie stuffed cookies but we picked up a salted caramel and smores brownies. They were literally the best thing I have ever eaten. Ever. 

It is worth sourcing out Batch Brownies wherever they may be just for the salted caramel brownie. It surpasses any sort of brownie you have ever had, promise. I think they're mostly at Camden but feature at Spitalfields on a Wednesday, dangerously only around the corner.

Another important development this August is that Dima's mum randomly forced him to bring back a breakfast in bed table from Cyprus. This was actually a very good idea, because I get lots of breakfast in bed now!

Other than my recent fat-adventures, I have been in the process of packing up my life into boxes slowly in preparation of moving to Dima's in a couple of weeks. After four years it is probably about time we lived together rather than on opposite sides of London, the only thing I am seriously worried about is where to put all of my clothes!

What have you been upto this August? xx

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