Friday, 22 August 2014

Marc Jacobs Daisy Chain

The impact of social media on everything at the moment is amazing, every single company you can think of has now got a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Marc Jacobs is pretty clued up on this, finding his last campaign model on instagram and is clearly making the most of up with his tweet-shop!

In return for tweets, mini fragrances and key chains were being given away. There was also (pretty good) complimentary coffee, macaroons and manicures! 

Me and Louisa aren't ones to turn down helping out such a lovely brand..

Especially when there's macaroons involved! 

The Covent Garden shop was decorated amazingly, with daisy fields and swings available for you to lounge on and tryoutforthenextcampaign  sip your coffee. 

Thank you very much for our treats Marc! xx 

1 comment:

  1. Wow. Looks like you had such a fun time. Nobody can resist free macaroons. :] // ☼