Monday, 4 August 2014

Croatia - Hvar

It's not that often that you get to go away for a completely stress free holiday, with your best friend, where everything is really cheap yet amazing (yes I am talking about food) with (near) perfect weather. A couple of weeks ago me, Lisa, Chelsea and Nicole packed our bags and jetted off to one of the most beautiful places I've ever been - Croatia.

Our main base was the incredible Hvar island, reachable by a one hour, £12.50 catamaran from Split.

It is what I imagine St Tropez or Monaco would look like - a harbour dotted with independent restaurants and shops, unimaginably huge yachts, with lots of glamorous, good looking people milling about with their well behaved dogs.

It looked like something out of a story book.

We spent a lot of time at Hula Hula Bar, where the atmosphere was buzzing every night without fail as people gathered around to watch the sunset from the best spot on the island whilst sipping pina coladas and dancing the day away.

And of course visited Carpe Diem - the club which has it's own island, reachable only by water taxi (aka boat).

We may or may not have made friends with some lovely Mexican fellows who decided to buy us our own VIP table and not even harrass us at all... gracias!

Breakfasts were usually spent at Hello! bar, with sandwiches bigger than your face and fresh juice (like the rest of the island - food is ridiculously cheap and excellent)

Also... we found the most incredible bakery I have ever been to. EVER. In fact, we stopped there everyday for cake and their incredible cold chocolate drink, munching away greedily on the steps outside.

Chocolate mocha cake and triple choc cookie

This was also on top of the amazing gelato on sale in the harbour, a 'scoop' (as below) is the equivalent of about three gigantic scoops over here, and at 80p for the most incredible chocolate gelato ever it would be a crime not to eat it as often as possible.

We made friends with the local goat, Frederick..

And worked off all our indulgences by going on a huge hike up to the fort to watch the sunset, amazing!

Without a doubt one of the nicest places I've ever been, yet perfectly positioned for island hopping - more on that next time!

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  1. I really want to visit Croatia, this looks beautiful! Not to mention the food...