Saturday, 16 August 2014

Hawksmoor Humpday

So it's midweek, my boyfriend and I don't have any real commitments in the form of a job yet... and we have a month-anniversary to celebrate! It be coming up to 48 now, things getting serious - this calls for somewhere special.

Hawksmoor is more than special - their food is amazing. This time we passed on the lobster and rather fabulous steak for an easier-to-book breakfast. Seeing as it's only available during the week we are pretty much obligated to try it out before we have to enter the real world and no longer have such free time to flutter away!

First stop is a cornflake milkshake (Dima went for one of their breakfast cocktails, not something I can face before 10am). This was really good and basically tasted like a tasty cereal bowl mashed up into a thick milkshake. I really wanted to try their banana and bacon milkshake but couldn't persuade Dima to go for it!

I rather sensibly went for the scrambled eggs & salmon breakfast, at around £10 not the cheapest but one of the best I've had.

Dima, however, decided to go for the Hawksmoor breakfast.

Costing a whopping £35, it is meant to be shared by two people but Dima decided to take it on himself. He did a pretty good job, conceded the waitress. (I do like a man that can match my eating talents!) This ginormous breakfast consisted of: bone marrow, fried eggs, huuge mushrooms and tomatoes, a BACON STEAK, sasuages, black pudding, home made baked beans (in a BBQ sauce, interestingly), bubble & squeak and gravy in it's own boat. Oh, and there was unlimited (excellent) toast.

He looks pretty happy with himself, as he should be! Cooked breakfasts aren't really my thing (I'm definitely more of a cookies/waffles/pancakes for breakfast kinda girl) but this was quite impressive if they are yours.

Overall a pretty fab midweek pick-me-up. Dima managed to finish off about 80% of his breakfast, citing the bubble and squeak as his favourite part and the baked beans as his least favourite. Extremely indulgent, but worth it if you have a supremely special occassion worth celebrating, and the spare time/money on your hands to go on a weekday!

Personally I'd stick to the steaks (for dinner!), given the absolute mass of breakfast we have on offer in London, but still a pretty amazing breakfast from Hawksmoor.


  1. I've never been to Hawksmoor but have heard so much about it! This looks delicious- and kudos to your boyfriend for his eating abilities!

    1. it is amaazing, especially their steaks for dinner and salted caramel tarts with popcorn ice cream :D xx