Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Back in London town

It feels so good to be back in London after three weeks away. Since I've been back I've been running around to castings for an abnormally busy-ish January and sticking to my resolutions of getting fit!

London is literally freezing, but at least the sun makes an appearance sometimes.

The perfect weather for shooting outdoors!

I have a strong hatred for shooting outside even on the warmer days, as outside shoots just take generally a lot longer to set up and organise. I think that I was scarred from my JD Sports shoot in 2013, which consisted of running around London for 12 hours in December, wearing tiny shorts (aka my idea of hell).  Somehow I have already had 2 shoots outside in the first week of being back in London!
Me in the JD Sports bootcamp, a futile attempt at catching my breath

'Please don't take my coat off me!'
 Although I had the most amazing shoot this week - I shot with the uber famous and talented photographer Rankin for his incredible magazine Hunger.  It's shoots like these when I remember why I love modelling - doing ecommerce is great but shooting with amazingly talented people and producing unique work is a feeling like no other. Also, they come so out of the blue! I found out about the shoot at 6pm the night before - my life changes literally overnight and it is really exciting to not know what tomorrow will bring.

I'm not allowed to post any pictures until after the next issue is out (at the end of February) but the images came out amazingly. It was probably the weirdest concept and shoot I have ever done, but I think the pictures are some of the best I've ever shot. Rankin and Andrew Gallimore are incredibly talented, as are the many people who work at the studio, so this isn't really surprising.

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