Friday, 23 January 2015

Plum & Spilt Milk

I haven't been out for an amazing meal in what seems like forever, but this one more than made up for it. Plum & Spilt Milk is a restaurant overlooking Kings Cross, wonderfully wacky with great food.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated, with lots of random art dotted around, impressive jam jars for lights and milk stickers lining the walls. It was packed out, despite it being a Wednesday evening.

It was my sister's birthday, so we celebrated with lots of excellent cocktails before my dad finally arrived. We were also given warm, fresh bread which Dima finished off all by himself!

Raspberry Bellini - perfect

My dad arrived and we got on with ordering. Because he lives in Russia, whenever he comes over to England we go out for gigantic feasts, which often leave me comatose - this was no different. I went for Steak Tartare for starter, which was incredible. 

For mains me and my sister shared a roast chicken, and our boyfriends shared a gigantic kilogram of steak! (Which, at £42 for 2 is quite reasonably priced). Both were great quality and worth the money. 

Those onion rings still haunt my dreams, the best I've ever had!

The sides were as good as the main event - I particularly loved the caramelized parsnips and carrots (healthy right?!) and super creamy mash. Everything was cooked to perfection and the service was brilliant, we had a great waiter who gave the perfect level of service when he is nearby but not annoyingly so. He also recommended us the best red wine I've ever had - maybe if I hadn't drunk so much of it I could remember the name! 

We were all stuffed to the brim after this but the puddings were calling our names. 

If I hadn't been on a chocolate ban, the fondant would definitely be my first choice. I went for the maple, pecan and bourbon sponge pudding.

It was good, but Dima's Plum & Spilt Milk was SO INCREDIBLE that I ended up eating all of his when he wasn't looking. Two desserts, hey! 

We were all trying to debate what the 'spilt milk' part was. I think it's the ice cream, but my family think it is a type of milk - any ideas? Whatever it was, this was the BEST thing ever. Actually no, my sister's Iced Peanut & Salted Caramel Mousse was the best thing I ate that night. I definitely recommend getting and eating both of these, they were mind blowing. 

We finally finished our beautiful meal, after watching the restaurant empty out as we ploughed on with our eating and drinking. Luckily there is a food coma throne right on hand for those who can't make it down all of the stairs. 

Convenient! I'd definitely recommend Plum & Spilt Milk for a family dinner (or a very expensive amazing one with whomever can afford it) - it was an amazing setting and every single thing we ate was cooked to perfection. Judging by the instagram stalking I did, they do a mean brunch too. 

Find them here

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