Wednesday, 7 January 2015


When I was 13, my mum moved us all over to Cyprus. It is really the best place to grow up - endless sunshine, school that finishes at 1.40pm and hanging out at the beach all day, everyday. We ate Zorbas sasuage rolls and spinach pies, stuffed ourselves on kleftiko, souvla and baked potatoes on Nissi beach. Lisa & I were dedicated Ayia Napa goers, even in winter when the only place open was Black & White and we'd be pretty much the only people in there swinging off the poles and doing shots. 

I came back over Christmas, and pretty much all there is to do in winter is eat the amazing food everywhere! 
Kleftiko - slow cooked lamb. The best thing EVER. 
If you come to Cyprus, GET A MIXED SANDWICH! (from one of the little shacks on the side of the road)
A crepe and a profeterole cake. Cyprus has a weird obsession with bakeries, my village alone has seven. On this particular day we went for a ferrero rocher cake which may have been the best thing I have ever put in my mouth.

The best thing to do to find the amazing food Cyprus has to offer is to find a Greek buddy. Or just go to the most traditional 'tavernas', that works too. But Nicola happened to be over too from London and very kindly took me to all of her family dinners so I seriously overindulged in souvla!

She lives in Limassol which is probably my favourite place in Cyprus - a mix of the 'city' and the sea, with lots of independent cafes everywhere to laze around with a frappe for hours. 

Whereas where I live in Larnaca, looks a lot more like this.. 

It is pretty dead over Christmas, as most people who lived here are now living in England - but lucky for me I brought someone over with me :) 

And he has someone who I have fallen head over heels in love with! 

Jack - the cutest, happiest, friendliest dog I've ever met. She comes on runs on the beaches with me and is pretty much my new personal trainer. 
Even in the rain! 

This trip has been good to just get out of London for a bit of sunshine and relaxation. But I can't wait to get back next week, despite the freezing weather I know is waiting for me! 


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