Monday, 23 February 2015

Food Lovers Tour - Barcelona

On Valentine's evening me and Dima did something pretty special. No, not what your thinking - we went on a food tour of Barcelona! This was easily my favourite night and such good fun. We found this tour on tripadvisor and it was so highly rated we booked it straight away. 

First of all we met our guide Eduardo outside a Gaudi house, where he told us a little about it. We met the other people in our tour - there were three people from Yorkshire, three from America and two from Sweden. Ages ranged from 30-80 so we were a bit intimidated to be doing such an 'adult' thing but it was so much fun!  After introductions it was on to the first restaurant for wine and seafood tapas - please excuse the picture quality, the more wine I had the worse they get!

La Bodegueta had brilliant seafood - I especially loved the octopus (above). Me and Dima got to know some brilliant people from the UK - they had such interesting and varied stories to tell about their lives. 

Here we had some home made alcohol (!) which tasted a lot like JD and coke. Along with some of the best food ever - I fell head over heels for the artichokes (as I did everywhere, as a major fan) and the meats and cheeses were brilliant. 

Then it was on to Bardot, for the main bit of the tour. We were all stuffed already, and extremely merry! By this point we had all properly mingled and we had some really amazing conversations with people from all over the world. Also, by now we had consumed a lot of alcohol - it just kept coming, like a magical refilling Harry Potter cup, along with the food!

Chocolate Omelette!

The tour was meant to finish at 11, but we all were out in another really cool bar, Bloody Mary, until 2! It was such an amazing evening and one of the most memorable I've had. It reinforced a special lesson I'd learned whilst in Barcelona - spanish food is awesome. Seriously, every single thing I ate whether it was from a bakery, market stall or restaurant was of such incredible quality! 

I fell completely in love with Barcelona on this trip and am so determined to go back and live there for a while in September!


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