Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Foodie Celebrations in Shoreditch

I have some news: I got a job! The most perfect job for me right now, basically doing what I love (reading/writing/law), using my law degree, working from home & it will still let me do modeling! To celebrate, I collected a group of my favourite people and we ate. A lot. 

First stop was Hotbox, in Shoreditch which was insanely busy and cramped. The food was good, service not so much (they forgot my pancakes, which damaged my soul a little) and we had to wait for 45 minutes to eat. This is probably typical of any Shoreditch-hot-brunch place on the weekend though, although they only do brunch on Sundays. So maybe wait until they filter out to the rest of the weekdays - the effort isn't worth your mental breakdown as you see beautiful food delivered to those who came after you!

Chicken Waffle at Hotbox
To get over the disappointment of brunch, we walked on over to Dum Dum Doughnuts (Boxpark, Shoreditch) which never disappoint with their beautiful cronuts. I got one of the last ferrero rocher doughnuts, which was insane. 

To get over this minor cholesterol rush, we went for a stroll down Brick Lane. It is ridiculously busy on a Sunday, buzzing with people taking selfies, eating street food and checking out the local art offerings on the walls. 

Me & Lisa - check out her blog!

On a Sunday, you can find every kind of food you can think of on this street. 

But after much debate, we decided to go and check out Liverpool St Patty & Bun. The one in Soho is invariably packed out (with at least an hour queue of ravenous people outside!) but this recently opened branch seems to have escaped most of the buzz. Very surprisingly, we got in straight away and got a seat within minutes!

I might have mentioned Patty and Bun before. It is...

mind-boggingly awesome. 

The best celebration ever, we were all left in serious food comas for the rest of the day week.

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