Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Date Day

For our fake-kissiversary (I see our anniversary as when we first kissed, Dima doesn't - so we get two!) me and Dima had a marathon date day. 
We started off for lunch in the most amazing place I have ever eaten - Barrafina - which deserves its own separate post, and made our way around London.

Dima felt like a second dessert, Asian style so we first stopped at Candy Cafe in Chinatown for some unusual treats. 

Dima very happy with his mango shaved ice and bubble tea!

^ What I can only really describe as a cold sugar explosion..

Whilst I settled for stealing his treats whilst sipping demurely on my white coffee - I have loved this coffee since Steph gave me a couple of packs on it and it's quite sad to go back to plain coffee :( 

We then strolled around Chinatown and came across a seemingly ordinary convenience store... but I spotted the birthday cake flavoured oreos in the window. 

It was a magical shop. 


AS ARE THESE. The caps are out. 

Filled with mini pretzels, 'shortbread cookie' which is more like a mini shortbread, almonds and peanut m&ms, these made the perfect energising snack to run around London on. I demand all American treats come to London immediately! 

We were on a search for a board game (I love them and for once Dima was in the mood!) and ended up in the most crazy fan shop ever. Filled with comics and tv show memorabilia, it was quite surreal (Game of Thrones pendant for £100 anyone?!) but also quite (ssh) fun.  

It was quite freakily centred on Adventure Time, which may or may not be one of the weirdest cartoons you will ever see. 

We then pretty randomly ended up at the British Museum, which neither of us had ever been to before! It was beautiful, and huge. 

Then obviously it was time for ice cream. We stopped off at Selfriges, where there is a Magnum pop up where you can MAKE YOUR OWN magnum. Magnum is one of my favouritest ice creams in the woooorld so this made me very happy, even though I wasn't allowed one for myself because of the sugar highs and lows I had been on already that day. 

You pick your own topping - we went for coconut, sea salt and bits of gold but they had a huge range including goji berries, brownies, silver balls, honeycomb, mint pieces, edible flowers.. You choose three and they get a mini cocktail shakeabout to mix things up a bit. 

The next step is choosing which kind of ice cream  you want, Dima went for vanilla (why anyone would go for vanilla over caramel or chocolate is simply beyond my comprehension) and then choose the outer chocolate layer - white, normal or dark. Dima went for normal. If I had had it my way it would have been a chocolate on chocolate on chocolate magnum! 

The result was aaaaaaaaaaamazing. The best magnum I have ever had. I helped Dima finish his off, good girlfriend award :') 

Looking back I can't believe how much we managed to do in one day, and I haven't even told you about the main event yet... Barrafina's godliness. It was a fab day with a fab boy :) 

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  1. You two look so happy and sweet together, congrats on your "fake kissiversary" (I gotta say, this is an amazing wordinventions ... I might have to borrow it one day! ;))
    I really like that magnum store - I've been to London in January, but I didn't know that there was one :O Crazy, but amazing looking, just like you two! Congrats again :)