Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Summer nights

Haven't we been so lucky with the English weather lately - everyday has been up to 20 degrees and the sun has (mostly) been shining! I love summer evenings when it stays light until 10pm and everyone in London is smiling for once (above ground that is, the tubes can become pretty awful in the heat) - they call for BBQs! 

I found myself a handsome fellow and a working BBQ in his garden he wasn't aware of, and we set to cooking a feast!

I was on Pimms duty... I make it half lemonade, half pimms and a splash of elderflower - works brilliantly! ;)

This BBQ in particular ended with us all toasting marshmallows (or setting them on fire and blowing it out quickly) and stuffing them between two lebinz chocolate biscuits - perfectiooooon. 

We also had a baking afternoon, I made The Londoner's irish soda bread which is amazing and ridiculously easy to make..

but very difficult to not eat all in one go!

...it's healthy right??

Whilst Dima relived his past travel adventures and cooked Thai Pancakes which was a very laborious process, but oh so worth it. After making the dough, letting it set for half an hour, rolling out many extremely skinny pancake bases and cooking them quickly, you are 'supposed' to have them with condensed milk, banana and egg but I found that nutella, marshmallows and banana works much better. Nutella>everything. 

Here are a few other random snaps from the past week...

Sheltering from the summer showers!

Hippy hair at Asos - if only I could recreate this at home! 

Very cool flowers found in Mile End

Jelly shoes - so excited to wear these in Croatia! 

What have you been up to this Summer? xx

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