Saturday, 19 July 2014

Duck and Waffle

Last week, after becoming an official Law graduate, me and my family zoomed up to Duck and Waffle for arguably the best meal of our lives. 

Shooting up in the glass elevator to the 40th floor, it felt like we were ascending to heaven. And we were.

We sat for a few unique cocktails in the bar because we were early - make sure you book - they had no available extra tables at 2pm on a Monday!
The views were incredible. 

^ me and my truffle cocktail... I love truffle a LOT but drinking it was quite odd!

Then we were shown into the restaurant where we went crazy ordering all of the abstract sounding food...

Ox Cheek doughnut - meaty and sugary in one, me and Dima loved it but my parents not so much.

Fois Gras Creme Brulee - a literal creme brulee with lobster chunks on brioche toast. A bit rich for non-fois gras lovers.

And the money shot..

The famous duck and waffle. We ordered three for six people, and it was more than enough - at £17 each it should be! It was the most amazing thing I have ever eaten - a perfect waffle topped with a tender ducks leg, duck egg (which interestingly holds your entire cholesterol limit for the day) and honey mustard sauce. Heaven.

We also got from the 'big plates' the potato gratin (above) which was lovely but we were all too full to find room for it, and the home made gnocchi which was fabulous. I didn't manage to capture a good picture of it though because everyone was too busy digging in!
We also had incredible oysters, and the special of the day which was home made bread with goats cheese and honey. The bread was one of the best things I ate - definitely a must have!

Phew! Are you sick of all that food porn? Now it's time for... dessert!

I had the macaroon sandwich  - huge pistachio macaroons holding a chubby chocolate mousse - wonderfully decadent.

My dad had the Baked Alaska (conjure images of Ben & Jerrys..) which was incredible.

Dima went for tiramisu, his favourite which was beautiful

We then rolled back into the elevator, three hours later stuffed to the brim with rich, wonderful food. An amazing experience but maybe a once-a-year type thing, for the bank account and waist line! We pottered around for a couple of hours then went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical which was absolutely amazing.

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  1. I share your love of truffles but can't imagine drinking them, maybe I'll have to try it someday! That baked alaska looks delicious as well! xxx